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August 12, 2017 18:08

Doing jigsaw with their hands or how to automate your workflow ?

Doing jigsaw of a sewing machine

Many inherited from her grandmother left hand or foot sewing machines.To use them for their intended purpose, no one will, and throw a pity.But it is possible to make beautiful handmade jig saw to cut plywood, plastic and balsa.Additional material for rework will only serve sawing from jigsaw, and the work will take no more than twenty minutes.The benefit of it is for all lovers of tinkering with his own hands.The process of remaking the following:

  • discontinued nitkopleteniya mechanism.It is located at the bottom and remove the two bolts loosening;
  • knocks the pin and remove the drive shaft nitkopleteniya mechanism;
  • Slacken panel that protects the mechanisms and expanding the slot in which the needle goes up to size sawing;
  • prepared nail file.For this purpose it is cut to length is like needle.The upper teeth are worn down a file, and the lower part of the saw blade grinds on the cutting edge;
  • Sawing is inserted into the needle holder.


! If you take as a basis the electric machine, it is possible to make a jigsaw in the same way. You must then turn the wheel of the sewing machine and make sure that the saw is not in contact with the foot and the panel that plywood passes freely, that the mechanism is working properly.This alteration is complete.Now you have a jigsaw-machine homemade, which is quite suitable for most applications.

Jig saw with his own hands from the desk

Another option is to make a machine, jig saw with his own hands a little harder to the previous one, but it is more practical and convenient.You will need an electric jigsaw that best facilitate the work.For the construction of the machine you need: any old desk, jigsaw (will serve as the power unit), hand jig saw and plywood (for the manufacture of arcs and rods).

Note!As the power unit can be used absolutely any model electric jigsaw.

process begins with the production of "swing", which one end is connected with the mechanism of the power tool, and the other - keep sawing.Jigsaw screws mounted under the table top.The cover is a round hole to saw blade in it freely walked, and do not get stuck dust and shavings.Swing set of power tools, saw blade and fixed between them.

One end of it is attached to the jig saw, and the second - on the wheel at the end of the swing.Pedal start works is very simple.For this purpose, a metal plate formed product with a hook at one end and the other fastening.The hook is put directly on the start button tool, and the other end is attached to a wooden board, which will serve as a pedal.

Buy or make your own?

Homemade jig can be manufactured in many different ways and different in design.The most common alteration is considered elektropilki in the machine for the job.Make it easy enough, its design is similar to the above.But you must always take into account what kind of material (thickness, size) will be processed.If the material is thick, it is necessary to count the working space so that they are placed there.Also this point is important in terms of choosing the sawing.

Important!If you are relying on large volumes of work, the home-made machine for you will be ineffective.

improvised Constructions machines exist from the very simple to the very complex.Council, which wants to give: do not reinvent the highly complex mechanisms, because it will take away a lot of your time and will require considerable investment, so that the self-made device loses any meaning.If you need a professional, powerful tool, it is better to buy it.And for simple household crafts and simple tasks will be enough and very simple machine.