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August 12, 2017 18:08

Spray Manual - how to ease the paint work ?

How does it work?

Spray Gun hand-operated working with liquids on the basis of the paint, chalk and water.He applied for the treatment of a small area of ​​the surface.The tool is very simple in its construction and reliable in use.The device manual gun includes:

  • Base with suction and discharge valves;
  • Pressure hose;
  • Fishing Tackle;
  • hose with suction filter;
  • cover and pump.

The integrated pump cylinder housing, a piston which is based on the system.The system consists of a rod, cylinder, sleeve and the handle for the drive.To ensure a tight seal between the elements of the body and pump cover O-rings are used.Rod consists of two parts, which makes it possible to change its length.The sprayer can be rotated, allowing the torch to change flight to the axial rods.

For reliable operation of the tool design must meet the following points:

  • easily be the center of gravity in this case should be placed so that the painter at work minimally tired;
  • spray head should be multidimensional, with different diameters of the nozzle holes;
  • basic details gun must have corrosion resistance and high resistance to wear.

Note!manual spray gun is poorly suited for large work volumes.

Training - the key to success

Spray Gun hand-operated piston works on the principle of suction spray liquid from the tank, at the time of lowering it suction hose with a filter at the rod handle.In the reverse movement of the rod valve is closed and pumps in the tank paint material.Pressure rises, and the liquid moves to the fishing rod.Using it reaches the trigger sprayer, and that spraying is carried out.

To Manual spray gun work correctly, you must observe certain rules.At the beginning of the tool is partially filled with paint.Next, the filter is removed and the stem is 7-10 dual approach to the machine is filled with air.If the liquid starts to come out of the small jet nebulizer, then it works fine.

should be raised gradually to avoid spraying the composition of stock.When the need to avoid excessive pressure on the bladder.If the tank pressure decreases, it is necessary to lift, otherwise the paint layer is applied too thickly. Important! Upon completion of the spray gun must be disassembled and cleaned all the elements.

Proper care spray gun

To Hand sprayer had a long life, it is necessary to carry out continuous maintenance to identify potential problems.These include both periodic and test every shift.Test every shift - a washing machine and inspection after its use, and to periodically every six months to check for faults.This algorithm such:

  • Visual inspection tool for possible damage;
  • fix any problems found during the inspection;
  • Check gaskets and replace them if necessary;
  • Quality control operation system.

Before painting the surface necessarily trimmed of fat and dirt.It is polished with an abrasive material, primed all the dents and scratches.A new coat of paint is applied only after the previous one has dried.

Note!Before starting a manual spray paint process must be tested for operation and adjusted any if necessary.