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August 12, 2017 18:08

Forest saddle - familiarity with the assistant for the " rejuvenation " of the facade

Why choose them?

Forest saddle construction make it possible to carry out the work on the facades with objects of any complexity: bathing, columns, cornices, arches.In its use, they are mobile and easy to use, allows to move freely on the repair and construction projects.This is achieved thanks to the space-tier system, which is mounted from the individual elements, such as racks, clamps and ties.Such a system is easily assembled and disassembled, which is very important for the mobility of the work performed.
The main advantage of these forests is a simple structure, no different than other types of scaffolding.Clamps can be easily fastened in any desired position on the profile.This system enables to freely change the distance between the uprights, in height and in width.This factor is the most important in the choice of woods for construction.There are two types Khomutova design: a professional, which is assembled from pipe diameter of two inches, and lightweight - consists of a profile with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

Note!Select the type of forests should be only after consultation with a specialist.

Other designs

also commonly used woods wedge construction.They are needed for the same purposes as the timber yoke, but have different construction.The name derives from the features of fixing elements that connect the wedge.This system has the following advantages: The patented fixation is very strong, resistant to heavy loads, high speed installation with minimal effort.Use this design in the following areas:

  • the installation of support structures;
  • construction and erection of various buildings;
  • at work on the exterior;
  • the construction and repair of ships, and so on.

However, there are views of the forests, which combines the best qualities of Chomutov and V systems - wedge yoke scaffolding.It's easy folding design allows you to install the flooring at any height.It is used for both internal and for external works in buildings of any type.Wood wedge yoke have such advantages:

  • installation is very easy and fast;
  • flooring can be placed without a step at any height;
  • low because of the low price of metal;
  • able to freely move the timber on a construction site.

Note!Such a structure can easily assemble and disassemble the only two people.

Forest saddle - accurate calculation

Calculation Chomutov forests is an important step, because incorrect calculation can permanently slow down work plans and cause additional expenses.Make calculations are best left to a specialist.But today many websites from different companies have special calculators that allow you to calculate your own forest.
To do this, it is necessary, firstly, calculate the length and height of the structure is collected.To do this, you need to very clearly know for what works Chomutov design will be used.Second, a series of selected design, for example, LH-60.This factor determines the maximum height of the structure.Next you need is determined by the number of marches and flooring workers tiers.
All these data are entered in a special calculator, and you get the necessary numbers.Make such calculations are not too difficult.But if you're not confident in your skills, it is best to consult a specialist.He will give you a precise answer to the required amount of forests.

Important!Before the counting of forests need to be clear what kind of work will be performed, what they will have a maximum height and to determine their degree of difficulty.