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August 12, 2017 18:07

Gypsum machine plaster : a method of applying

few words about gypsum plaster

Gypsum - a natural material, it is harmless to human health. plaster gypsum-based is a porous mix well regulate humidity, improves sound and teplooizolyatsiyu creates natural ventilation in the room.In addition, it is much more economical than the other plasters, because often it does not need putty (for surface preparation for painting).

used plaster there, where there are relatively high requirements for finishing walls (houses, offices, apartments, showrooms, luxury business centers).Its application allows you to create perfectly smooth surface better.Once dry, it does not need additional processing and is ready for further decorating (wallpapering, painting).

gypsum machine plaster - dimensionally stable material that prevents the formation of cracks.Furthermore, it provides excellent adhesion to the surfacing material.The share of such plasters is 2 times less than the weight of cementitious compositions, so is used to align the ceiling without problems.Applied to the surface may be one-off thick.

Benefits mechanized plastering

Machine plaster walls is very different from a mechanical and has a number of advantages.Here are some of them.

  • excluded the question of storage material, as well as for unloading and distribution costs at the construction site.
  • delivers high performance with a smaller workforce involvement.
  • shortens the life of the work.
  • In the process of work is not "lost" material, thus significantly saving mortar.

plastering machine technology

essence of all the technology is that the apparatus is filled with plaster machine application, which carried out its mixing with water until the desired consistency.Next, the mixture is fed through a hose to the direct jobs and is applied to the treated substrate.Thus are reduced time and labor for preparing the coating solution and the surface.

machine plasters can be quite different.To date, it produced a huge number of models of various manufacturers.The "heart" of any device is considered mortar pump.The equipment can work continuously with their own air compressors and pumps to maintain water pressure.Mixing is carried out in strict compliance with the regime of mixing and dosing of water.Thus supported solution quality.

Supplied dry plaster for machine application in mobile containers, which are filled in the factories.Delivered containers for the construction of special vehicles with hydraulic lifts.Silo container can be placed anywhere in the area.It takes about 4 m2.

dry plaster material is poured into the machine through the pneumatic system, which is equipped with automatic control.Accordingly, in the operation of the machine should not have any difficulties.Height and distance of feeding of plaster depends on the capacity of the compressor.The average height can be 50 to 90 meters and the range of 80 to 120 meters.

Attention!Whichever method of applying plaster you have not used, should always take precautions - wear protective gloves, gauze bandage, glasses.