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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wallpaper for painting vinyl as a basis for masterpieces

We make your own wallpaper for painting vinyl

As wallpaper glue, known, perhaps, even the children, who often fall obligation to help during repairs.But is it possible to paint the vinyl wallpaper and how to do it?Masters, professionally engaged in repair, do not like to reveal their secrets, it's their bread.Therefore, we will unveil the secrets of the veil.

Painting vinyl flooring can be more than once, and as much as you want, or until the material will withstand (the relief is smoothed over time) and the glue that holds it on the wall .And if you have a creative streak and dream of becoming a designer - before you open opportunities, arrange the room because you can not just fill a monochromatic, but also patterns.

important to remember that not all vinyl wallpaper can be painted, washable fabric often reject color.

For example, if your child tends to paints and brushes, why not trust him to try his talent directly on the walls of a child's room?This is better than to eliminate then outline marker on the already finished surfaces.Well, if something terrible happens, you can always paint over all the bright strokes of different colors and thus create room rosy atmosphere.

And yourself, you can always try himself as a maestro, hand-applied thin floral pattern on a wall in the living room.In the bedroom better picture only cover the corners and a maximum part of the wall, you need to relax in this room, and overly bright or oversaturated with various design elements will only bore you.

Painting vinyl wallpaper - how to achieve a good result?

So you suddenly opened the flip side, it turns out, the vinyl are not always suitable for repainting.Yes this is true.What, exactly, is this stuff?Paper or paper basis on which to apply the foam vinyl cover is quite unreliable, easily scratched and peeling.There are different types of wallpaper - some are just designed for applying color scheme, and on the other, washable, as we have said, does not lie even paint for vinyl wallpaper.

However, their color can also be changed, but will have to pre-treat the surface carefully.How to ensure that the painting vinyl wallpaper has been made possible for the type of washable?It is better to immediately take appropriate, but if the walls are already plastered, you can try oil paints, in which the adhesion is extremely high.However, there is no guarantee that a year later the color begins to crumble.Therefore, errors are unacceptable.

To start degreased surface with tucked under the arm, and, more importantly, suitable detergent.Then apply a quality primer, carefully, not missing an inch surface. better primed in two layers, it will be more reliable (it is logical that the first layer should be dry before applying the second) .And, finally, what paint to paint vinyl wallpaper reliable?this is the case Experts recommend water-based.

it possible to paint vinyl wallpaper brush?

In general, if you do not feel sorry for his time, then, of course, possible.But, the paint brush vinyl wallpaper, it is better to find a more suitable use.To start still take a cushion and cover the surface color scheme for the color you selected for the room.What paint and how to paint vinyl wallpaper?The answer to the first part of the question you already know, and as for the second part - there is no special skills needed.

process is no different from the usual paint the plastered surface.The background is created, it is dry, and it is possible to take up the brush, if you want to create something unusual.Even two horizontal wavy gold stripes, interlacing braid may seem miraculous design element on the common uniform background.But you can create a special motive.And you know what?Why not try stencils?

They are in a wide range sold in any shop of building materials: butterflies, flowers, stylized little animals.Something can be used for children's something for the living room and bedroom, and the kitchen you can find a suitable image.As you can see, the question concerning whether it is possible to paint vinyl wallpaper brush can have several positive responses.