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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tempered glass - why is it necessary and where applicable ?

advantages of tempered glass

The main advantage of "kalёnki" - is security.It is manifested in the destruction of his property.Small fragments are not dangerous to humans, even when falling from great heights, as opposed to a simple glass fragments.Its flexural strength and shot 6 times greater than that of incandescent material.Also a big plus of these glasses is the high resistance to temperature changes, up to 2000 ° C, which is unacceptable for the other types of glass.

conductivity of the material world is also higher than the others, which allows us to expand the coverage of natural and room visually, add him space.The thickness of the product is 10 millimeters, it can withstand large loads.Also, it is not afraid of light, moisture and UV light.Also important is the ease of taking care of such material.

Note!With the ability to do any steel fittings can be installed a variety of types of doors.


With such high quality tempered glass can be used in various applications.Restrictions and bans virtually none.His main areas of application:

  • structural glazing facades;
  • Manufacture of glass floors, roofs, fences of stairways and balconies;
  • shower;
  • Doors;
  • production of glass furniture and interior items;
  • Partitions made of tempered glass.

According to regulatory documents such glass compulsorily used in all types of transport: trucks and cars, trolleys, trams, road and agricultural machinery, trains, sea and river fleet vessels.

The facade design is widely used curved tempered glass, which allows for smooth curves in any style.Also, it is often used in the manufacture of furniture, commercial and refrigeration equipment, and other products.In recent years in our country have become popular frameless balcony partition walls for offices and tempered frosted glass kitchen.

Important!For safety, experts recommend installing a door with a red-hot glass.

whether the processing and cutting of material possible?Cutting

tempered glass is practically impossible, as well as its processing.When trying it breaks.This is due to the fact that material passing hardening, has non-hardened layer at the edge, which compensates for the compressive stress.When cutting the material of this layer can crack from the impact of a weak or even spontaneously crack at any moment.

That is the main reason for not cutting accuracy and complexity, and the fact that the glass is unable to be whole, if it is cut.The material can not be processed, cut or re-hardening.

following cutting methods are not possible:

  • Sand;
  • Hydraulic;
  • Laser;
  • Diamond cutter.

Regarding frosted glass, it allows only to produce grinding edge.However, this should be done with the material thinner than 10 mm, since a large thickness and has a large degree of stress, which can not withstand the treatment.It is only necessary in cases where the naked or edge remains poorly treated.

Tip!To avoid additional processing are kindly requested to millimeters to calculate the required size of the workpiece.