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August 12, 2017 18:08

Laminate high-gloss - how is it different from the typical coverage ?

types laminate surface

typical laminate with wood imitation is the most popular coated and made almost every manufacturer.As a rule, it is applied on top of the silky-matt lacquer.However, there are other types of laminate surface.We describe them in detail.

  • «Country» - made with soft and large relief pattern, often with the imitation of rough, manual handling, as if it were made in the old villages.
  • effect "of antiquity» - a similar result is obtained thanks to the fact that the material has long been under the influence of light, moisture, air, and was naturally aged image.Then, the surface is treated with a metal scraper and varnish.
  • "relief" texture , which is formed due to the smooth and thin longitudinal lines.While they are not related with the very wood pattern.
  • "Waxed" surface - is obtained by treating the wax material on it has a soft and warm glow.
  • «wood for oil» created as a result of the processing array with natural oil, it turns smooth, matte, smooth surface, like a tree, soak the oil.
  • Shiny laminate or "gloss» - formed as a result of the coating material abundant layer of lacquer, creating a smooth surface.

Laminate Gloss: a few words about its structure

This material has a multilayer structure .It is based fiber board, which bottom is covered with a stabilizing mixture with special impregnation, and top coated decorating part.Its difference from the typical laminate is that it has a glossy surface, is created with acrylate resin with the addition of some of the mineral particles.

neelekrizuyuschiysya Heat-applied layer.Need it to make the material more resistant to mechanical stress, as well as to prevent discoloration, scratches on the front side.

He does not attract static electricity, and therefore dust, animal dander and other pollutants.Thus, this brilliant laminate flooring for a long time retains its original appearance.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the variety of colors.For example, a very attractive looks gray, white glossy laminate with V-joint (edge ​​trims), which can be either two- or four-sided.Make it special dark, from decorative reasons.That is obtained laminate, high-gloss white, with horizontal and vertical stripes on the chamfer.

laying Recommendations

main condition during operation is dry, even and smooth base, on which is placed a special cork underlay.If there is a seamless flooring, then it is possible to lay a polyethylene.It is designed for better proofing.The very important to start laying from the left corner of the room.Attaching to the surface of the material can be carried out using an adhesive, and a locking means.

However, this laminate superglyanets connecting only by click-connection (same lock).Panel slightly tilted to the already-stacked, insert the spike into the slot and snapped.So, one by one all the strips are placed.In the final step is to attach the skirting boards with screws.By the way, they are easy to pick up the same color as the floor itself.