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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pouring concrete platform - study technology work effectively

Technical nuances pouring concrete

Concrete is poured in the formwork as well as directly into the ground.If the filling takes place without the use of the formwork, ie, directly into the ground, the casing plays the role itself or building soil wall.If the solution is poured into the mold, then its design approach requires a very thorough, because the liquid concrete - very fluid and hard mix.

Before each owner of a country house or a private arrangement raises the question of its own courtyard.To extend the life of the paving stones or paving slabs need to prepare qualitative basis.To this end, and made concrete casting yard.

This procedure has not only a decorative function, blind area, flooded around the house, to prevent the destruction of the foundation and the general drawdown of the building.Produced concrete pouring by hand or with a special mixer.

When filling from the mixer may require special bucket and crane.But this technology is used in large quantities or industrial construction.Pouring concrete with their hands made buckets and shovels.Recently it went on sale durable plastic buckets, which are ideal for this.

essence lighthouses installation of concrete laying

concrete placement technology quite simple, but before anything to fill, you must perform a series of preparatory work. first step is to plan everything and mark.Next, you need to level the ground for a future fill if the relief is not enough even concreted area.It is necessary to determine the thickness of the fill:. The best option - no thicker than 10 cm

If you follow the rules of pouring concrete, you must first set the beacons to the surface was smooth.Vykruchennyh fill striking and does not look aesthetically pleasing.Along the edges of the site poured directly into the ground hammered metal or wooden pegs, from one to another tightly stretched thread.It is for them to be installed beacons.

as beacons can be used straight metal rods, fittings and even a profile for drywall.They are set in cement mortar, previously strained thread should barely touch them.Lighthouses left for 24 hours prior to complete drying of the solution.

pour concrete right - practical advice

Before pouring the concrete properly, you must know how to kneading.The composition of the solution consists of cement, crushed stone, sand, water.In pre-soaked in water mixer throws one part cement, three parts sand and one part of the rubble.After the composition is ready, upload it in the tub, or directly on the submerged ground.

pouring concrete technology require an even distribution of the solution shovel between beacons.The layer should be slightly above the beacons.After that, you need to take a generally flat or rail, and movements left or right pull it toward you.

necessary to "cut off" all excess concrete.If somewhere in the recesses are formed, they just need to fill out the required amount of solution by building a trowel.Thus, the desired portion is filled sequentially.

After drenched area you can walk, it usually happens the next day, need to remove the various bumps and nodules with a wooden trowel or sand-lime brick.If something remains unclear, we recommend to watch the video suggested, pouring concrete on their own after watching is not difficult.