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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cement concrete - will increase the strength and durability

From what is necessary to protect the concrete?

Every prudent owner wants all that he did in the house on the plot, farm buildings was carried out efficiently and served for many years.Unfortunately, many building materials are not perfect and are not universal, possessing excellent qualities in one area, they have significant disadvantages in another.

Those modern materials, which can be called "some universal", are very expensive.Therefore, to make the usual building materials missing their properties, there are various methods and techniques.One of these methods is cement concrete.

many concrete surfaces are constantly exposed to mechanical, chemical and physical influences.On the concrete surface is influenced by a variety of chemicals, solar radiation, rain, endless cycles of freezing / thawing in the winter and so on.

These negative factors cause on concrete surfaces extremely negative consequences, the concrete begins to flake, peel off, to break down, it cracks only accelerate the process of destruction.To both of the damaging effects of longer can be avoided, and is used with cement.

What is cement concrete?

This is a special way to significantly improve the properties of the individual structural elements to increase the strength and hardness of the surface, to increase the waterproofing characteristics of the material used.The method consists in applying to concrete a dry powder or special cement and its smoothing down the body construction.

for this process using various mixtures to increase moisture resistance final construct, as well as in its dust-free, such compositions are administered sodium aluminate, "liquid" glass, etc.In order to give increased hardness added corundum or granite, quartz aggregate.In addition, there are various modifying additives to enhance or impart certain properties.

Before, as iron concrete , you must clearly understand that this process will not make your coverage better quality, this method is used to make the surface more properties that allow it to last for as long as possible.

And if you initially made the wrong tie or used nizkomarochny cement, then this method is, of course, extend the service life of the coating, but not essential.

as iron concrete - mastering the technique

To carry cement, should be given a bit of freshly laid surface to settle (approximately 5-7 hours).Also, to improve the properties of the processed plane, you can wet screed primed deep penetration.the surface of the cement carried dry and wet .a horizontal plane is suitable for use dry option.Wet method can be any iron surface.

When using the dry method the concrete surface through a sieve sifted pure cement layer of approximately 2 mm.After sieving the compacted layer of plaster shovel and left.Dry cement screed pull out moisture and converted into a dough, which you should carefully make amends.

In the wet process divorced special solution is applied to the surface and smoothed plaster shovel to clean and smooth the surface.After all the technological procedures allow concrete to harden completely, not forgetting to moisturise it.Once dry (about a week), you can cover the surface of the polymer composition.To make the concrete more aesthetic appearance as grout can use colored cement.