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August 12, 2017 18:08

Does the service door Extends artificial veneer ?

artificial veneer - the beginning of the history of

As you know, progress can not be stopped.On the other hand, mankind in the bulk conservative and wants to benefit from this progress of things that meet the high quality of modern technologies, and preferably familiar and traditional in form and appearance.

This is especially true of things of home, each inner circle in an intimate setting "in the home."Yes, the most important thing, I almost forgot, the price should be reasonable (meaning less).Technology allows the similarity with natural wood veneer, did not lose in the quality of products, the strength of the coating.

Of course, when comparing the natural and artificial veneer difference is obvious.Therefore, the efforts of modern manufacturers focused on inventing the next generation of eco-friendly artificial materials, allow to obtain a high-quality simulation of natural wood veneers, repeating their tinting, surface texture, etc.

Features artificial veneer or laminate

is the development of lamination technology, transferred to production of door furniture and floor.Just start pasting thin panels of tarred paper, coated with a pattern wood veneer, the production improved.

now covers interior doors artificial veneer characterized by high resistance to abrasion, mechanical stress in general, asincreased thickness of the coating layer impregnated with synthetic resins (0.8 mm).The same resistance and neutrality of the coating provides moisture, makes it easy to wash the door with water or synthetic means, without fear of the devastating impact that fraught with natural veneering doors or earliest examples of melamine coatings.

Another advantage is the increased color stability, color does not fade under the influence of ultraviolet light.A wealth of colors and the choice is known as an example of laminates for flooring.At the same time a high degree of repeatability of color and surface structure in the products of one party.

This ensures that all the doors in the house will have a monochromatic color and look the same.Recognized high ecological purity or laminate, and their artificial origin ensures unrestricted production.

What displeased some users?

Unfortunately, these advantages are also the disadvantage of many consumers.Whatever it was authentic, but still not an imitation of the natural material.In addition, many of the very notion of suspicious chemical industry (even in the presence of hygienic certificates of conformity).Absolute resemblance can also be regarded as a lack of personality.

more significant drawback is the crumbling of the coating with a strong damage, strikes, work with a blunt cutting tool.And finally, you need to point out that the use or laminate in the manufacture of interior doors is carried out not so long ago and is in constant development.Therefore, a sufficiently high value of the door of the artificial veneer of high quality is comparable with natural veneer finishes.

This door with artificial veneer coated favorably during operation.If the doors are made of natural veneers should be subject to periodic inspections, to observe the temperature and humidity conditions, to carry out varnishing and minor restoration work, the laminatinovoe coating eliminates this hassle.

This veneer is not afraid of the claws of pets, pencils and felt-tip pens of young artists, braised on the door happy holiday cigarettes.It is easily washed and cleaned, retaining its initial view.So, most likely, should be tolerant of his first steps, and allow himself to show in your household.