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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tile mosaic - if possible to imitate her beauty ?

What are the mosaic tiles and what are its features?

wide range of colors such tile allows you to create decorative panels, mosaic mixture, patterns and streamers as a transition from rich shades to lighter.Due to the small size, you can use the material for both internal and for external finishing of various curved surfaces.

Whereas previously each plitochki were laid separately, today issued tile mosaic, the size of each part of which - 2x2 cm, 30x30 cm Small matrices elements are arranged in the matrix and the fixed film or paper, which is glued on the front side..Meets reception with a combination of gluing small parts mesh, which is fixed to the underside.As for the mosaic of stretch marks, such panels are available in lengths of 2.5-2.8 m of different widths.

Varieties tile-mosaic

The market mosaic tile is represented by three main types of material:

  • Pottery - small ceramic tiles.For bathrooms and swimming pools used glazed tiles, and can be used for other rooms unglazed.
  • Glass - the most accessible material for mosaic.It is resistant to chemicals, high strength, waterproof.Can be used for lining kitchens, saunas, swimming pools, as well as fireplaces and stoves.
  • Smalt - a kind of glass is superior in physical properties ordinary glass mosaic.At high temperatures, small pieces of glass and oxides of various metals are alloyed.

Opaque smalt has an unusual deep light by which the panel looks different depending on lighting and time of day.

But there are also stone, stoneware and metal mosaic.They are characterized by properties are the same as for bulk materials, so there is no need to describe them, and they are used less frequently than the above embodiments.

imitation tile-mosaic - whether good replacement?

Mosaic, of course, looks good and visually enhances the space, but its price is very high and not everyone can afford.Then, for those who want a wall decoration is available under the mosaic tiles.She, unfortunately, not be able to revet, for example, the arch or column, as it is made of whole tiles, on which a mosaic pattern or slots.It has the dimensions of a conventional tile: 20x20, 20x60, 30x30, 33x33, 30x60 cm, etc.

Imitation mosaic is of three types, depending on the depth of notches:

  • tile with deep, flat and empty slots, dividing the surface into cells.After laying overwritten seams between the tiles is not only, but also on their surface.Experts recommend choosing exactly this kind of tiles, imitating a mosaic.
  • visible on the tiles smaller incisions, which is factory filled with simulated grout.These seams are visually divide the surface into cells that resemble mosaic.But it has its drawback.When transporting the "floating" crack and fall.Apt crack, of course, you can paint over grout, but it should fit exactly in tune.This increases the cost of works and creates difficulties when installing.
  • on the tile slots are almost invisible, and the surface is covered with glaze.Mosaic effect creates a picture.This is the easiest and cheapest form.From a distance it looks nice, but close to this effect is lost.In addition, the grout between the tiles emphasizes boundaries, so if you choose this option, you need to get in the grout color.

Bonding mosaic - quite laborious and time-consuming process.It requires attention and concentration, so this work is better to call professionals, not to spoil the material.But imitation of mosaic can be laid without the need for outside help, to put the usual tile enough skill.