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August 12, 2017 18:08

Asbestos cement sheets - that today gives us a market of slate ?

advantages and disadvantages of such sheeting

Slate is popular with other roofing materials due to its characteristics:

  • hardness - can withstand a man's weight;
  • virtually no heat in the sun;
  • durability, time-tested;
  • Non-flammable, fire-proof and fire-resistant;
  • easy to machine tool;
  • not corrode like metal roofing;
  • has good electrical insulation properties;
  • not conducting noise while hail and rain;
  • low cost relative to other materials;
  • High resistance to alkaline attack;
  • easy repairs carried out, it is possible to replace individual sheets.

But unfortunately, like all the other materials, it has its drawbacks, though they are minor:

  • may eventually become covered with moss, but it can be prevented to date using the special primer tools which enhance gidrostoykost.
  • big weight of asbestos-cement sheets: they are heavier than other materials, thus raising the roof requires effort.
  • relative fragility should be carefully transported and installed.

Specifications asbestos sheets

This material is divided into two types: flat and corrugated sheets .A flat sheet, in turn, can be pressed and unpressed.Corrugated sheet is used for the device roofs of public and residential buildings, service extensions and wall fencing structures and buildings.

flat asbestos cement sheets used as wall panels, partitions, floor slabs and other structures, as well as to finish with the inside and outside of buildings.

unpressed and pressed sheets outwardly indistinguishable.They differ in that they have different mechanical properties - strength and density.Compressed subjected to additional compaction, and it increases their density and strength characteristics.

size corrugated sheeting can be 8-wave - 1750h1130 mm, 7 wave - 1750h980 mm.A flat can measure: 3000h1500 mm 2000h1500 mm 1000h1500 mm 1750h1200 mm 1750h970 mm.

Asbestos cement sheets, technical specifications which will be given below, are usually gray, but there are also colored.To this mass is added to the original color pigments.

Indicators Pressed flat sheets unpressed flat sheets 7-wave plates 8-wave plates
Bending strength limit is not less than the specified, MPa (kgf / cm²) 23-(230) 18- (180) 16- (160) 16- (160)
density is not less than the specified g / cm³ 1,80 1,60 160 1,60
viscosity of shock, not less than specified, kJ / m² 2,5 2,0 1,5 1,5
residual strength, not lessspecified,% 90 90 90 90
Frost, at least these cycles 50 25 25 25

Application sheeting

asbestos cement sheet corrugated, GOST 30340-95, and flat, GOST 18124-95, respond well to the treatment tool are therefore considered an excellent option for the arrangement of the roof.

Flat is better to apply for small buildings, and for complex roofs more appropriate wavy.And he and the other materials have almost the same properties, the main ones being fire resistance and increased resistance to the effects of nature.

With regard to the aesthetic side, then the wave sheet looks attractive and can decorate any building, from residential to public buildings.Those who wish to get a reliable and durable finish at an affordable price you should pay attention on asbestos cement products.They are reliable and long lasting protection from the weather and keep your home comfortable atmosphere in the house.