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August 12, 2017 18:08

Hardboard on the floor - quick and cheap option cover

What we will hardboard on the floor in the house?

fiberboard made by hot pressing of sawmill waste and wood with the addition of synthetic resins, preservatives and other stabilizing materials, has a number of significant advantages over natural wood.Varnishing the surface does not require any further treatment, dense structure well keeps screws, nails and screws.And finally, the most important advantage - low price.

However, despite the fact that the composition includes water-repellent fibreboard sheets, to avoid their deformation, should be protected from excessive moisture ingress.In addition, they are quickly wiped off and lose the wood in a purely visual perception.

Preparation of the base under the floor fiberboard

Before we start talking about how to lay hardboard on the floor, find out what you need to carry out preparatory work.First of all it is necessary to approximate humidity flooring sheets to the room humidity, otherwise the sheets after laying inevitably warp.

To avoid this, in irregularly heated room reverse side of each sheet of fiberboard is moistened with warm water, sheets stacked on the backs of each other and left for 24 hours.After that you can start work.

If the room is heated regularly, just enough to put the sheets on edge and leave the room for 48 hours.

floor of fiberboard placed on a cement-sand screed, or on a wooden floor.If it is not a primer was applied after the receipt of the screed, it is necessary to do now.Used in the bitumen dissolved in gasoline at a ratio of 6 as a primer: 1.Before applying the primer base is cleaned of dust and dirt.Cold

mastic or adhesive applied to the entire primed surface covering, wherein the layer thickness of the mastic should be not greater than 0.6 mm, and an adhesive layer - not more than 0.3 mm.The lower surface of the plates for 30 minutes prior to stacking is also smeared with glue.

hot mastic is applied only to the land on which is currently stacked plate.This is done to Mastic temperature did not have time to drop below 140 degrees.Its layer can not be thicker than 1 mm, for which the paste immediately after the application is spread rubber combs.

process of laying the floor of fiberboard

And finally, we come close to the question, how to put on the floor fiberboard .All plates are stacked so as to leave a clearance of 5.10 mm in the wall.Typically, the first plate is placed in the corner opposite the door.Its hard pressed by checking the level of the horizontal in all directions.Other plates

this and subsequent rows are stacked in a similar manner, the gaps in the joints should not exceed 3 mm.It is very important to adhere to the fire safety requirements.

In those places, where the plate fiberboard adjacent to vertical pipelines across the circumference of the pipe is necessary to leave a gap, filled with cement-sand mortar.When the heating temperature pipes 80 degrees Celsius, this gap can not be over 10 mm, and when heated above 80 degrees, the gap width is increased up to 50 mm.

Laying hardboard on a wooden floor is not different from the above method, with the only difference being that there is no need for a bituminous primer, and she can nail plate nailed to the wooden floor boards.The question of how to paint the floor of fiberboard, comes to be applied to the surface of an alkyd enamel layer in the outside area, or to his painting a paint formulations.