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August 12, 2017 18:08

Primer GF 021 - a good assistant for working with wood and metal

What does the primer?

primer is needed to create on the surface, ready for painting, the base layer for a durable and reliable connection base materials coated with paint.Also, you can often hear about the adhesive compositions and methods of priming plaster, concrete, etc.

Primer can reveal decorative wood structure, followed by a coating.In addition, these compounds often combine anticorrosion functions.Most often they are used for painting metal products (various Surikov, crown).

quite versatile in its properties to a special coating that received wide application, such as primer GF 017 used for application on metals.Its composition includes special resins, solvents, surfactants.

Primer GF 021 - basic properties

Said primer refers to modern materials, has based alkyd paints, solvents. Primer GF 021 red-brown has anticorrosive properties thanks contain pigments, desiccants and stabilizers.

It is most often used for further processing painting enamels, etc.It is very easy to use: on degreased metal or wood applied by brush, spray, stain in the bath, pouring stream, etc.

can easily be expanded if necessary fluidity state GF primer 21.For this purpose, suitable solvents as solvents, mineral spirits, xylene, turpentine, and mixtures thereof.In the case of dyeing technique suitable diluents suitable in the electric field (ER-4B, 3C-RE).Furthermore, it should take into account the high versatility of this primer.

As with red-brown, gray primer GF 021 can be used for many dyes and enamel compositions on their basis, or as a separate color coating.In principle, the composition of the color does not really matter.Especially that dries the applied layer can have a matt or slightly glossy film.

layer is easy to sand, with increased requirements and the need to create a flat plane.In this feature of it is that on the surface do not accumulate abrasive grinding waste.

Features resulting primer layer

materials, painted primer can be used in environments with different climatic and weather conditions.Her coat is resistant to compositions for lubrication and industrial oils.However, the film does not contain substances harmful for human health.

drying it happens during the day, but in the case of the application of surface finishes need more three-hour delay.If the primer is conducted in heat chambers drying, then at about one hundred degrees Celsius, about half the layer dries.

rate of about one hundred grams per square meter, with a high covering power, uniformity and strength of the layer.also very similar to the properties of the primer GF 0119. However, it is more economical in consumption, it dries faster than half, and its application is not limited to priming.

This composition can be used also for corrosion protection measures dimensional metal parts and structures during their transportation, assembly and storage.General rules of application composition is the observance of safety measures, fire safety, ventilation (when working indoors), protective work wear, etc.