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August 12, 2017 18:08

Devilon - an elegant alternative to wallpaper

alternative to traditional methods of finishing

During repair the interior sooner or later there comes a time when you need to make the last push, ie,carry out finishing and finish all repair and construction nightmare to the sounds of fanfare.But for some reason this last push is often boring and dull, monotonous.

In the minds of our citizens firmly rooted idea that the finishing of the premises - it is usually taping his wallpaper.And what a flight of fancy, the desire to make the interior a unique and worthy of admiration?And if you are the soul of baked onto the wallpaper, it is worth paying attention to the almost similar alternative - Devilon.

This decorative PVC film material on a substrate made of paper, cloth, glass fiber or foam resin.It made the material promaznym way.It consists of two layers: the bottom - substrate, and the upper - PVC.

Features Devilon

Depending on the appearance of the print pattern is of two types: one-color and multi-color.This film material is available in rolls of 10 m and a width of 45-90 cm. Manufacturers offer this material with a large selection of drawings and colors.

It is used to decorate the walls and ceiling.This is especially true becauseDevilon does not lose its color over a long time.In addition, this material does not deteriorate under the influence of steam, water and sunlight.It can be washed with warm soapy water.

Devilon The disadvantages include its flammability, as well as the need for careful preparation on leveling the surface before gluing process.

addition, this material has a surprisingly high adhesion strength with concrete walls, upcoming 3 days after work.pasting them to the walls of Technology is no different from the ways to work with the wallpaper.

technology gluing

Before applying the finishing material should be kept in the room for about 48 hours at a temperature of 15 ° C.

To work on pasting the room needed:

  • plastic spatula;
  • rollers and brushes for applying adhesive to the base Devilon, as well as for its smooth;
  • scissors;
  • square, ruler, plumb line and cable;
  • primer and glue.

Now you need to prepare the surface for pasting web material.On the surface completely remove the adhesive and lime color, and old wallpaper.It is worth remembering that not Devilon svezheoshtukaturenny mounted on the ceiling.The surface under the pasting should be prepared very carefully, becausehe refers to the thin material, and even the most minor flaw is apparent on the surface finish.

Before you hang the surface, they should be treated with an acrylic primer asPractice shows that the best Devilon pasted on such surfaces.After the primer has dried, you can start to work.

For fixing using adhesive mixture Bustilat , pre-diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 7.When using a roller or brush on adhesive is applied to the paper substrate of this material as well as on the working surface (concrete, wood, wood-strand).

The material is pasted on the surface on the "butt joint" technology with pre-registration pattern.Remnants of glue mixture is removed with a soft wet cloth.