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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the new brick facing hyperpressed ?

production hyperpressed brick

makes this material by semidry hyper.The main essence is as follows: in the cement-mineral mix add some water.Further, the high pressure compressed start composition.Brick spread in a steaming chamber on pallets.In this "sauna" with controlled temperature it should be about 8-10 hours.

During this procedure, the cement contained in the mass, as it should, absorbs any moisture (it will be remembered for his "trip" is mandatory presence of water).At the final stage the finished product should lie down in a warm warehouse from 3 to 14 days (depending on the season).As a result, the resulting brick has good vapor permeability, frost resistance, durability.

Those who are interested in the manufacture of this material, it is necessary to know what equipment for production hyper-pressed bricks need.

So this: giperpress (where the molding), Crushers, consumables and receiving hoppers, feeder, screw and belt conveyors, mobile compressor plant, concrete mixer, two-arm heat, crashing for dropouts, lifts skip and a warehouse (where the finished product is stored).It is this technique will allow to deploy a profitable production of high quality bricks.

Properties hyper-pressed bricks

So, as has been said, this material has a much higher consumer characteristics than the ceramic brick.This is due to its composition and production technology.We list them in detail:

  • Morozoystoykost shows how many cycles of thawing and freezing resistant material.Today hyperpressed brick has the highest parameter equal to F200 (number of cycles).
  • strength is the maximum load that can withstand a brick at a pressure on top of him.In this case, the figure is M200 (i.e., more than 200 kg).
  • Water absorption is equal to 5% (the lower it is, the better).This means that the facade coating does not absorb dirt, they are easily washed away by rain.Heat resistance
  • shows characteristics such as refractoriness, strength and elasticity of the material in the heated state, creep, shrinkage, etc.
  • A variety of textures, colors .For example, can be "torn" surface or in the form of "rough stone".Number of colors - more than 70.
  • Seismic - the strength of the entire masonry, which is 1.7 times higher than that of the silicate or ceramic brick.

Scope of hyper-pressed bricks

This material is used for construction of bearing and self-supporting walls in buildings of any height.Also, it is made designs that require heavy-duty support (police stations, dams, hospitals and other similar institutions).Plus, a smooth surface and a variety of colors allows the use of these bricks for the front trim fences, facades, pergolas, wells, barbecue areas.

Stability mother to temperature changes can be used in all climatic conditions (including in the Far North region).For any construction will be durable.

is also worth noting that hyperpressed bricks are used to build and garden and paving tracks.They are very durable and can withstand any weather phenomena.That is why this material is a favorite of many gardeners.From this construct not only the track, but also greenhouses baths.