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August 12, 2017 18:08

Xylene A grade - they do not make trouble with this stuff ?

GOST "Xylene Grade A" - learn more about the matter

product as a clear liquid with a characteristic odor is widely used in manufacturing and industry, especially in the field of organic synthesis.Indeed, for industrial production of all kinds of plastics film materials, synthetic fibers, dyes, solvents, extractants, herbicides and many other materials used xylene and derivatives thereof.The composition

xylene present mark A mixture of three isomers with wide application in the production of polyester fibers (the same polyester) film, and numerous other synthetic materials.The composition is characterized as an aromatic hydrocarbon, petrochemical.Its production, properties, specifications and other characteristics of sets GOST "Xylene grade A" under the number 9410-78.

According to his description, this material does not contain water or a foreign material, although transparent.The basic substance is at least 99.6% of the formulation.It is easy, its density at twenty degrees Celsius less than one gram per cubic centimeter of volume.Accordingly, the composition is very volatile, evaporates without residue.distillation temperature range from 137 to 143 degrees Celsius.And 23 degrees Celsius marked a flashpoint.

Xylene grade A - the characteristics and properties

For all documents to be considered as xylene oil grade A characteristics of the third class of danger.Those.It refers to the explosion and fire compositions.High concentrations of vapors capable of causing poisoning, similar to the narcotic.

also a reaction of the skin and mucous membrane irritation is strong.Harmful influence and has a direct impact on the nervous system as a whole.When the concentration of liquid vapor from one to six percent of the volume of the enclosed space may inflammation.

As can be seen, the fluid is dangerous to humans and flammable.When working with such a composition requires the use of personal protective equipment and protective measures against fire.Therefore, the work must be carried out with the compositions in areas with general and local ventilation providing fresh air supply and exhaust the saturated vapor of xylene from the employer.

sure to use special clothing, masks and glasses.Upon ignition of the vapors or liquid is necessary to use particulate aqueous dispersion composition, chemical and mechanical air-foams.

Xylene grade A - the safety rules of storage and transportation

During flavoring oil fractions, mixed xylene and benzene, xylenes obtained grades A or B. The use of the products obtained, in addition to the above-mentioned solvents and the source of the isomers mayas an additive to increase the octane number of a fuel for engines, as a raw material for phthalic anhydrides and acids, and many other formulations components.

shelf life stated by the manufacturer, range from a half to two years.Of course, subject to the storage and transport conditions.A storage xylene must be performed in closed warehouses with ventilation systems and equipped with a special closed containers, in compliance with the rules and measures for substances with high fire danger.

Are their claims and to transport substances.They are similar to fuel transport (for example, high-octane gasoline) in tanks or barrels.Xylenes transfusion should be accompanied by measures to eliminate static electricity discharges.