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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plastic paving slabs for outdoor arrangement

feature plastic tiles

Paving slabs of plastic largely superior to other types of tiles, with the following benefits:

  • strength;

It does not crack and is not pricked by the use of binders that give it flexibility.Therefore, it is very convenient to transport and stack, it is not as fragile as concrete;

  • durability, service life of about 50 years;
  • water resistance;

Tile moisture- and waterproof.It does not absorb water and does not allow it to accumulate at the surface.Just this quality, and distinguishes it from the concrete, which disrupts the moisture.Due to the water resistance of the polymer fine brings hail, heavy rains, snowfalls and other impacts.Also, you do not have to worry about the spring thaw, due to which other varieties of material formed chips and cracks;

  • Frost, perfectly brings the winter, in addition, on the surface do not appear puddles;
  • Thermal stability;

high rate prevents snow and ice linger on the surface.Through the gaps between the cells of the moisture evaporates quickly, which gives a 100% guarantee that the water does not form a mirror underneath;

  • snow provides excellent grip with shoes;
  • resistance to aggressive media, is not affected by oils, acids and other harmful substances;
  • resistance to discoloration due to high-quality dyes tile does not lose its intensity for a long time.

Using the plastic tiles

In addition, garden paving tiles, plastic has the following qualities:

  • Easy operation.It is easy to clean, and it can be freely dismantled and re-put during repair work.
  • Sustainability.At elevated temperatures does not give off volatile substances, as does asphalt, and does not lose its strength.
  • Aesthetics.It has a wide selection of colors and strict geometry form.

Use this tile in a variety of places. It can be spread and paving paths and industrial premises. more such places are most often garages, open-air cafes, shopping pavilions, car parks, etc.

In addition, due to its low weight plastic paving slabs began to be applied to a flat roof, which is planned in the future tense are actively exploited.Also because of this tile lay out garden paths than ennoble territory, and can be used to thin the lining of the cap.

Stacking plastic tiles

There is nothing special and complex in tiling.She, like the others, is placed on a sandy base, cement mortar or tile adhesive.So, in order to put a tile, you need to prepare the material for the base.This can use gravel, cement and sand.

Next you need to immediately make this ground.It should get a sand-gravel pillow, used for this purpose sand, 3-5 cm, gravel, 10-15 cm. Pillows should be as dense to start laying tile.

produce work using a mallet (rubber mallet).The joints between the tiles should be laid to leave 3-5 mm.You can then make the curbs, which is mounted on the sand-cement pad.Their height should be greater than 5 cm tiles. Now be filled with sand or seams with a mixture of cement and sand.

Polymer tile is today considered one of the most economical and durable paving surfaces.It is superior to other materials on a number of positive characteristics, so it can be applied in a variety of outdoor applications.