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August 12, 2017 18:08

Polished glass without sophisticated equipment

Why glass requires polishing?

school are well-known examples of the varying thickness of the upper and lower parts will last for many decades, a windowpane.Since the manufacture of sheet glass cooked mass is rolled out by special machines, are formed on the surface of the smallest irregularities and defects that mimic the surfaces and profiles of working rolls.

To address such technological defects make the sheet surface is smooth and even, carried glass polishing.This is the primary, more rough handling, which resulted eliminated (ripped off) "major" defects.This surface treatment ends.

technology of its production, in addition to grinding, be sure to provide a fine glass polishing, as the final step, which gives the required quality of transparency and brilliance.By the way, some four hundred years ago, formatted the windows were a sign of a high enough welfare, and to our time came the term "Venetian mirror" as a characteristic of high quality glass surface of a large area.

Such mirrors are large, perfectly smooth surface and were very expensive.Today they can be seen at the Hermitage.

Industrial methods of polishing glass

in industrial production for grinding and polishing the glass using special machines and conveyor lines, use appropriate tools and abrasive preparations (polish glass) at each stage of processing.It can be metal discs, performing the initial two-stage grinding and soft polishing tools with felt or woolen worktops.

Often with slightly tapered uses a special paste for polishing glass.Technology can provide treatment using large amounts of water - hydroabrasive techniques.Besides mechanical processing, it is also known in the production of chemical polishing methods.Such grinding may be carried out with a mixture of concentrated hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids.

The reaction formed in the upper surface of the connection made flat and smooth .Thus, in one process step is combined glass grinding and polishing.

polishing glass at home

necessity of processing the glass surface is often to remove scratches or minor defects.Talking about the use of chemical means, apparently, it does not make sense.At home, the better to remember the experience of previous generations is how to polish glass.To do this, rather all suitable mechanical method.

While minor scratches can be masked by using all kinds of wax-like transparent material of natural or artificial origin, but it is undoubtedly a measure is temporary and does not give a good result.So no choice but to polish the glass remains.These works can be carried out with the use of power tools.

quite suitable conventional electric or ploskoshlifovalnaja machine.Of course, the need and abrasives, and paste for polishing glass.Depending on the defect, such as crack depth required for adequate preparation and polishing.As already mentioned, polishing - a finishing stage and a final surface treatment.Initially, therefore, the defect is carefully processed abrasives larger grain.

At each stage grinding (and it performed this operation) grit abrasive powder decreases.Of course, work is underway on a dry.Used grease or water, but rather special sets of abrasive pastes.

After removing scratches polishing glass held by the hands.First, it applies the most "thin" paste, after the surface is polished only with felt and woolen nozzles.It should be remembered, and that the performance of the local grinding site with a scratch removes the microlayer on this site.So polished area should be much greater grinding area.