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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to strengthen the decking - tell briefly about the main

How fastened profiled - why not use this material?

by function roof decking can be divided into the carrier, and a decorative roof.If you focus on the brand of roofing material, the roof is used for thorough brand H and the National Assembly, but the mark of C can be used to light the building roof.

Before fasten corrugated board, it is necessary to assess its merits, as well as learn about the shortcomings.The material has only one drawback: poor insulation of the roof, that is, the noise of the falling raindrops on the roof can be heard clearly inside the house.However, many advantages makes it popular:

  • resistance to rust and corrosion;
  • durability;
  • resistance to combustion;
  • ease of transportation and installation;
  • good aesthetic appearance;
  • mechanical strength of the material, as well as its reasonable price.

How to fix the decking - preparing the work site

question of how attached decking is quite topical today, because many owners tend to do it yourself.First we need to prepare the ground for the roof and collect the right tool.

From the Tools definitely need a screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, handle, screws and silicone sealant gun.

for easy stacking sheets can build forests.Thus it is necessary to ensure their sufficient strength and height.Probably not all will cover a single sheet, have them customized in size, but in order to cut the sheets, you can use the jigsaw, metal scissors.In no case can not be used grinders.

Naturally, before decking fix, you must make sure to measure the roof and its slope, and also to calculate the exact amount of roofing material.On the roof decking is delivered carefully, preferably in calm weather.Before how to strengthen the decking, you need to learn the technology of work.

How to fix corrugated board - the correct order of work

begins assembling corrugated with the correct arrangement of ventilation and roof battens.At the same stage of the settling of the roof waterproofing (insulation material laid on the rafters horizontally).Under the waterproofing layer must be present a layer of insulation material.

Then attach the board end.Install them on the need to profile height above the crates.Now you can learn how to directly attached decking: this is just after the previous steps.

To begin set Cornice strip.Begin laying the sheets on a simple pitched roof can be from any region.If the roof is a complex, it is best to draw the placement of sheets on the paper, and then proceed to the marking positions of the sheets on the roof.Laying is done on the eave line.

before properly secure the decking, it is necessary to align the sheet over the face and the eaves.For fastening sheet using one screw at the ridge.Then stacked and aligned with the second sheet, which is fastened to the first longitudinal overlap.Now the sheets can be screwed to the sheathing.In this way, mounted corrugated steel sheets.The ridge is attached after all sheets are stacked on the roof.

Before correctly fasten decking, it is necessary to put the screws on the rubber gasket, which will not allow damage to the sheets.Self-tapping screws are screwed into the depressions sheets.Joints in the most important areas (near the cornice on the ridge) can be glue silicone sealant.