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August 12, 2017 18:08

Products made of gypsum - try yourself as a sculptor

Manufacture of plaster products - what we have to work?

produces several kinds of such powder.There are medical, high-autoclave and construction (called the old plaster) cast.The produced material is marked with the letter F with digital indexing, showing the force on the compression withstand mark.The higher the index, the better indicator.

indices from five to twenty-five belong to the stucco.The best mark (autoclave) safely withstand two hundred and fifty kilograms of compression and labeled L-250.The least suitable for products considered to be the last appearance of the material.But it is widely used in construction as a component providing fast setting putty solutions (lime-gypsum).

Due to the high speed setting is prepared only on a small portion of a single operation.However, compounds inhibiting the setting can be increased during operation.One is an animal bone glue.For example, a good solution for podmazki cracks can be prepared from one part of the plaster, the two pieces of chalk and five percent bone glue, which sifted mixture was diluted to a working thickness.

Manufacturing of gypsum better carried out using an autoclave type of high strength (his preferred dental prosthetic technicians), but also the medical view is also nice.In general, both are often used for all kinds of castings and molding panels, architectural details of tiles and other products in medicine and in the construction and other industries.

Proper use should take into account the property of a material to increase its volume to one percent hardening.The powder has a definite shelf life and, over time gradually loses its ability to harden.

products manufacturing technology of gypsum - the basic rules

When creating plaster products, technology should be strictly adhered to, from mixing and finishing the casting.Failure to comply with the rules of production products may have different voids, sinks, and even at all fall apart.Number ingredients accepted by volume.

So, in a bowl for the preparation of the solution, one part poured water not warmer than twenty-five degrees Celsius.According to the rules, the water can not pour into a powder.On the contrary, the material to pour it in the amount of two to two and a half parts with constant vigorous stirring.I must get a solution with a density of sour cream home.

In the process of preparing the composition is constantly rattling to remove it from air bubbles.It should be noted that it is unlikely to get anything out of fashion a diluted test.It hardens too quickly and therefore is used for casting.That mixing the mixture should be poured into a pre-prepared form release agent with the coated walls.

This compound is prepared from saturated soap solution or heated petroleum jelly or other oil.Typically, the solution starts to harden in the fourth minute, and after that it becomes completely solid.The process continues for about a day, that this time the product acquires the desired strength.

Decorative plaster products - little secrets for good quality

products manufacturing technology of gypsum provides an opportunity to accelerate or slow down the hardening of the composition.This acceleration is considered to be detrimental to the properties of the product factor, and it is rarely used.Slow down, on the contrary, a positive effect on the quality of castings and is widely practiced.

Curing is slower, and the ultimate strength of the product is increased if the mixing is performed on solutions of borax, sugar, ethyl alcohol, or, as mentioned above, bone glue.These are prepared in a mixing water with a concentration of from three to six percent, depending on the selected material.The bulk of the same powder.

way, if fully cured product (on the water without inhibitor) for twenty minutes in boiling already indicated borax solution, its strength increases.Prepare a good shape can be of zameshennogo on PVA glue or silicate talc.Instead, the suit also frayed in the dust of red bricks or small porcelain baby.