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August 12, 2017 18:08

Drying oils combined grade K-3 - for reliable color

What is linseed oil combined grade K-3?

Do you need to treat the wooden canopy poles for protection against moisture or paint the windows inside and out, drying oil combined grade K-3 is equally well suited for finishing works in the rooms or outside the house.It is necessary in the event that need kneaded plaster impregnated wood, oil paint manufacture, such as red lead or oxide.Absolutely transparent, but has a yellow light for the 1st grade and with a darker shade for the 2nd grade.Drying of this brand gives it soaked wood noble shade with a characteristic luster.

Made K-3 from the drying oils and is a 70% solution in the mineral spirits .It may also be used, and other petroleum solvents.Moreover, the product contains various modifiers (although some manufacturers do not add them) in small amounts, as well as a desiccant.The latter is a catalyst additive and oil oxidation process, resulting in air and drying varnish layer takes place.solid film formation at a temperature of 18-22 degrees takes about 24 hours for the work it is recommended to take small portions, the rest mass of tightly closing lid.

Drying oils combined grade K-2 - Product Specifications

If external works required high reliability of finishing materials, in areas more appreciated their uniform drying and the uniformity of the layer.Therefore, in the paint, intended to cover the walls inside the house, linseed oil is added a combination of the brand K-2.It is made of drying (and K-3) and semi-drying oils, mixed in a certain proportion.As part of linseed oil and desiccant is always present, in order to guarantee the successful solidification of the product.The sale is a 70% solution in the mineral spirits.

Brand K-2 is completely transparent, and has a yellow shade slightly darker than 1 grade grade K-3. For prolonged storage in the sludge gets less than 1% of the total weight of the varnish .However, it should not be stored for more than 6 months.This freezes the product through driers for 24 hours at standard temperature of 18 to 22 degrees.To coat was smooth and impregnating wooden surfaces - even, varnish should be applied to a pre-prepared, clean, dry surface with a brush.

What is a combined drying oil?

Unlike natural, made on the basis of linseed or sunflower oil, and virtually do not require solvents, combined drying oil is produced by the oxidation technology of drying or semi-drying oils.Some brands contain in their composition and those and other oils, which are rarely more than 70% of the total weight of the product.The remaining share accounts for 30% of the solvent.Remarkably, the combination drying oil for painting mainly acts as a semi-finished product in the manufacture of oil based paints, and not as a product ready for breeding.

to manufacture varnishes, known as combined, are used only high-quality oil, thereby requiring less solvent than for semi-natural oksolem.

Some sources found "credible" information that combined are those of linseed oil, which is a mixture of the prepared vegetable oil with petroleum resin or drying oil-based synthetic components.However, it is not.Name its reporting contact drying oil type is so called because it consists of oil or of different origin (linseed oil, castor oil, tung oil) or passed through different processing.For example, it may be a mixture of oxidized oils and heated by a special technology.