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August 12, 2017 18:08

Glass tile - making a beautiful interior with their own hands

Glass tile, what are its properties?

Today tiles of glass occupies only 5% of the total share of finishing materials market.Meanwhile, it has a number of features that has ceramic tile, plus some of its features.It is now even started to produce special ceramic tiles which has properties and that, and other material.For example, it is provided with a ceramic substrate and a glass cladding.

So, returning to the subject, what are the characteristics of a glass sheet itself?

  • Firstly, it mechanical strength and high wear resistance .It almost does not wear out and fights hard.
  • Secondly, resistance to detergents chemicals.Also, you can not be afraid, if he spilled a drink, the surface will remain untarnished.
  • Third, absolute security .Even if the glass is broken, it does not have sharp edges, so as not to injure.It is also safe and floor tiles glass, as it is completely non-slip, therefore, will not slip and fall.
  • Fourth, opportunity to create incredibly beautiful interiors .Glass volume, has a variety of colors, can be painted in different shades and adorned with the internal decor.

Glass tile for the kitchen and bathroom, the secret of beauty?

One of the latest trends in the design of kitchen design is the production apron of glass or mosaic tiles.Due to the transparent background on such a surface is less noticeable stains and drops of water.The material itself can be of different shapes, colors and sizes.Typical size is typically 20x20, 10x10 mm.The shape is a hexagonal and rectangular, square, round, and even the corner.

Separately allocated glass mosaic tiles - are small boxes, put together.Each square has its own color, and in some cases create a sense of "distraction" of the space, as if dazzled.Therefore, glass mosaic tiles should be carefully selected color.At the same time, these same squares unique way reflect the sun's rays.

main advantage of one or the other tiles is a great design.That is why it is used for decoration of modern interiors.The surface may be smooth, matt, grooved.It can also simulate silver ice, marble, granite, gold, and other materials.There are even special designs, when placed inside the glass or another image (eg, flowers).

laying glass tiles

mosaic tiles and glass tiles typically have a number of features.But first leveled base shpatlyuetsya and primed.Next on the finished surface is necessary to mark the center.For example, this room, whereas the middle point of one side wall to another.If this kitchen apron, the release of the most overlooked.This is the place to note the horizontal and vertical line.From it and begin drawing.

Then in a special container diluted solution for application tiles.It consists of 3 parts sand, 1 part cement and 1.5 parts of lime paste and water (added to the eye to obtain a viscous liquid).The mixture is placed on the thickness of the base - about 3-4 mm.After that turn (from the center) is attached tiles.

Grout is also made with a special solution, which consists of lime and cement (with a ratio of around 1.5: 1).The joints between the tiles should be small - about 3 mm.At the final stage, after drying grout, washed off surplus staff, clean tile.