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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plinth for floor - the complete finishing in the room ?

Wooden plinth floor

Let's start with the traditional plinth made of wood.It is used when laying parquet and laminate flooring.The material is usually a fir or pine wood, the front of which is covered with veneer of fine wood.In some cases, it is made of oak or ash array.On sale you can find a plinth floor with cable channel.

The main advantage of the wooden plinth is its durability and strength.The most significant drawback of this type is its high cost, sometimes can occur seasonal variation of geometric parameters of the tree, if you have not controlled microclimate in the apartment.Fasten skirtings made of wood to the wall using special glue.

plastic floor plinth - how to pick up a cheap and practical option?

significant competition wooden models now make up the plastic.Due to the widespread use it is to talk about them in more detail.What is the plastic plinth floor, how to choose it according to the type of cover, so that it fits harmoniously into the overall interior of the apartment?The material for the production of plastic moldings is a foamed PVC.

Used mainly for edging made of laminate, linoleum and carpet.Most models in shape and size resemble the wooden counterparts.On their inner side has a mounting and cable channels.In plastic skirting boards, recommended for framing linoleum and carpet, a groove located on the outside, it is inserted into the tape when installing the flooring.Modern industry produces plastic skirting wide variety of colors.

Due to this they are widely used for edging floors made of ceramic tile, laminate, wood, and other popular materials.The main advantage of the plastic varieties - this is their relatively low cost.The material from which they are made, different resistance to aggressive chemicals, moisture and does not rot.The disadvantage is its low strength and relatively short lifespan.

The attractive metallic plinth floor?

can not ignore the plinth floor metal that is produced from steel and aluminum alloy.Its contours fit perfectly into the contemporary design of kitchens and bathrooms.Metal skirtings are often used not only as a design element, but also for laying in the interior of various wires and cables.Some models are coated with a polymer film that mimics the structure of wood or other finishing material.

This skirting mind has all the qualities that are different metal parts and constructions: strength, durability, they are not affected by temperature changes, exposure to chemicals.And, besides, they do not require complex care.The only drawback of these seemingly universal things - the high cost.

How to choose a plinth floor - is there a universal solution?

After a comparative overview of the main types of the product, consider how to choose the plinth.Usually this question arises during the repair of an apartment.What in this case, you can recommend?It depends on the type of floor covering.For example, for linoleum is perfect for plastic moldings with a special insert, which is practically invisible against the background of the floor.With laminate flooring looks best wooden plinth with veneer coating.

universal method of selection of the interior of the element does not exist.After all, the interior of each apartment is different.

And the owners tastes differ greatly.Therefore, buying a floor plinth, how to choose the right style, color, or shape, of course, everyone decides for themselves.To simplify the task, we can recommend a model to compare the characteristics and determine which material quality you most impressed.After all, sometimes the most insignificant detail can affect the outcome of elections.