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August 12, 2017 18:08

Oak board - the humble rival with a decent offer

Beech - alternative to expensive breeds

board is made of beech wood, which belongs to the hardwood.This tree can reach a height of about 45 m and 1.5 m in diameter, grows very slowly and live up to 600 years.The young trees are recycled, becausemore mature susceptible to rot.

Wood is durable and strong, well bent and is easy to sand, as well as toning.Unsteamed board has a reddish or yellowish tint.When you cross the cut medullary rays are characteristic of the tree texture.Steamed Beech board acquires a beautiful reddish color flat.

Since beech board differs quite highly hygroscopic, products made of it must be protected from moisture.That is why the data timber is used only for interior design.Beech board excellent established itself in the manufacture of staircases, furniture, flooring and parquet.A relatively inexpensive cost makes it a great alternative to an oak board.

Why can safely opt for here?

As mentioned above, beech board has a number of excellent qualities on which to dwell.

  • strength.Deciduous beech lumber of which have excellent hardness, solid and durable, almost no way inferior to the acknowledged leader in this market segment - oak.
  • ease in handling.Material without any problems lends itself to almost any type of treatment, it is easy to saw without cracking, as well as polished, toned and painted in any color.
  • amazing flexibility.After special treatment with superheated steam, this wood gets excellent flexibility, the board bends easily.This makes it possible to use the timber in the production of unusual furniture, as well as exclusive interior.One example - bentwood chairs.
  • richness of colors.Wood has a wide color gamut.It varies from nearly white to pale brown.For exquisite reddish wood passes steaming process.A very important property is the beech boards change in color over time.The longer the board or panel is used in the building, the more noble it gains a reddish tint, i.e.the color becomes thicker.

disadvantage Beech is hygroscopic, so that during use of the material for the external works required careful further processing.

use of beech wood

In general, the characteristics of the wood depends on the climate places where the tree grows.Southern trees have greater density and smaller northern hygroscopic.

Beech, along with pine and spruce, is an essential material for producing high-purity cellulose in the paper industry.This pulp is used in the manufacture of regenerated fibers such as viscose and lyocell, which are subsequently used in the manufacture of technical textiles.

main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of this wood is the furniture production, where it is used as a board, and a plywood or veneer.Used for the production of resistant and hard surfaces for intensively exploited children's, office, youth furniture and seats in public and administrative buildings.Wide range of applications of the material as the kitchen utensils in the production of wooden toys.

Beech wood - wood is beautiful, with high heat of combustion.Charcoal, marketed in supermarkets, typically made from a given timber.

Among other things, the wood contains a number of chemicals (tar, vinegar, creosote), which are extracted from it by dry distillation.Beech is the starting material for the production of methanol.