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August 12, 2017 18:08

The wash away the sealant from hands - fix the consequences of successful work

Building Materials - cherish health

installation process various materials comes with a variety of sealants and foam.And very often, these materials fall on the unprotected areas of hands and body.But as to interrupt the installation process to remove from the hands of these support materials is often not possible, then there are difficulties with their money with open areas of the body.

When using polyurethane and polysulfide sealants all work must be carried out in respirators and gloves, becauseThese insulating materials are composed of caustic corrosive substances, which in contact with exposed skin can cause burns to the skin.

silicone and acrylic sealants, because quickly grasped, can cause allergic reactions in the skin and difficulty in removing.But if unpleasant situation still occurs, than wash away the sealant with the skin?

The sealant wash - First aid

To remove this material from the skin of hands or other parts of the body need to clean cotton pad to soak solution of rubbing alcohol or gasoline and and clean contaminated skin.

If this method did not bring the desired result, then we can try to use for this purpose 3% vinegar solution.It is likely that these funds will not be able to completely remove stubborn sealant needed skin.

Then the question, than wash sealant hand, there is only one answer - acetone or other solvent not too aggressive.After the complete removal of this material from the skin, all treated surfaces must be washed with plenty of water and soap.

Clean hands on foam - not an easy task

Polyurethane foam does not cause allergic reactions so evident, but is removed from the skin is not less problematic, especially if you have time to dry.If you get foam on unprotected skin areas is necessary to act very quickly, otherwise the foam will harden and will have to wait for the n-th number of days until she will disappear along with dead skin cells.After contact with the foam need to wipe gently and quickly the material with a soft cloth, in any case does not spread over the skin.

If remove the mounting foam hand it does not turn, try to use for this purpose benzene, acetone, or other cleaner , you can even nail polish remover.During the application of these funds also do not neglect safety rules.

Professional installers for these purposes wipes , which help cleanse the hands of the foam.If you previously did not care about buying this tool, you can try to pour into a container of warm water and add common salt .After this dip in the bowl arms and wait to wash his hands of the foam, among other things, you can use a pumice stone or a hard side sponges.

also helps get rid of the foam and conventional soapy water .Dip your hands in a bowl of soapy water and from time to time them carefully lather, lather ottiraya washcloth or sponge.These methods do not give immediate results, to produce the desired effect needed to use them for 5-10 minutes.

If any of the above methods are not able to wash off the assembly foam to hand, you can try to use vegetable oil .To do this, the oil is heated and applied to the skin of hands, after it was done is taken a conventional laundry detergent and a small amount is poured on the hands.When you need to thoroughly scour the powder foam.To conduct the procedure is necessary to completely remove the dirt from the skin, and only after that the hands are washed with warm water.

So, removal and installation of insulating materials to exposed skin is quite painful and time-consuming process.Therefore, experts recommend that as little as possible, the question arises as to wash away the sealant from hands and others like it, to use during respirators and gloves.