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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types of ladders and advantages of the carcass fabrication of shaped tube

ladder elements.

classification of types of ladders installed provides their separation for different applications, the proposed design and material for the production.They can also be placed in the middle of the room and outside the home, and to choose the best option for themselves, it is necessary to know the properties of the material for the manufacture of a ladder frame and design principle.The materials are typically wood, brick or metal, as well as derivatives of these constituent elements (for example, concrete).By appointment and functional use of the following types of ladders: Types of ladders and advantages of the carcass fabrication of shaped tube

  • input;
  • installed between floors;
  • portable and stairs - "Transformers";
  • turning staircase with several marches;
  • special and landscape.

From a wide variety of types of ladders, consider those that are installed in the middle of the house, is profiled pipe between the floors, and the material for the frame of this design.Consider the obvious advantages:

  • metal frame ladder provides high strength;
  • structure may have any shape;
  • on frame installation will take a little time;
  • metal is not so influenced by external factors such as a tree;
  • simple and rapid manufacture of elements of the whole structure;
  • offers staircases of any shape and color, which perfectly fit into the interior of your home is;
  • low cost;

stairs drawing of the shaped tube will help to orient in the quantity required profile and the estimated costs of the installation.

intercommunication staircases inside the building can be done marching spans, rails or screw.Which option would you have not stopped, the main element of any stairs are, where they are held and the level of support.Detail of supporting only steps from the bottom called stringers, if these three elements, then the average will kosour intermediate.If the support located on the side and bottom of the steps at the same time, covering her face, a ladder element is referred to as a bowstring.Types of ladders and advantages of the carcass fabrication of shaped tube

Each step on the ladder has a tread and riser.Horizontal arrangement of parts, which come, called tread, and it is perpendicular to the riser.Some ladders have not this element.Types of ladders and advantages of the carcass fabrication of shaped tube

spiral staircase from the metal profile is mounted on the bolt, fixed in the wall and holding one end of the stage (rails) and racks mounted to the support from the other end.The elements included in the ladder frame made of profile pipes have a rack, bow and kosour, and this set the stage design and made of any suitable material.

Mounting the stairs of metal profile.

The drawing stairs shaped tube is necessary to specify the size of the opening of the ladder and the height of the floor to start the installation frame.After this a specification, which provides a complete calculation of the number of steps based on their size and shape of the supports and their magnitude.Calculate ladder structure must thus be comfortable to the person to move through it without bending down, and with a sufficient degree of width.

  • When installing a spiral staircase to the frame of the shaped tube narrow end attached stages, and its widest part is fixed on the wall rails or spiral stringers.
  • for mounting a stairway profile using welding.Used for manufacturing stringers pipe which is welded to the steps.Types of ladders and advantages of the carcass fabrication of shaped tube

And finally - for easy movement of the stairs think over the possibility of installing a handrail.