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August 12, 2017 18:08

Photo Wall Mural Bath - local or global changes disguise

Photo wall in the interior of the bathroom

Mural Modern market offers a variety of colors and lines of the image.With their help it is possible to change the interior in minutes - you only need to choose the right, to buy and stick.And it does not require special training or removal of furniture, the main thing - to find a suitable plot, and now your room becomes totally different!In the absence of such difficulties gluing wallpaper can be changed almost every month - to a festive occasion or just because.

is believed that the main advantage of modifications of the interior bathroom Photo Wall Murals - is sticking to the surface, which is spacious and allows the wall to breathe.Also depicted scenes can expand the space and make the room look much bulkier.To develop photowall bathroom uses a special technology that allows to create vivid and clear images that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.They can be a single entity or as a mosaic shape of a plurality of fragments.There are also wallpapers, imitating the picture on the wall, and finishing for the door that will come in handy in the bathroom.

Choose wallpapers to the bathroom

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers and types of photo wallpapers.Of course, for wet rooms is not worth buying the paper versions, unless you plan to replace them soon.Choosing Mural in the bathroom, you need to decide what goal you are pursuing:

  • just decorate a room,
  • visually expand it,
  • temporarily mask the existing deficiency.

Depending on the need to choose the plot and the size - buy the wallpaper on the wall, a small size.In great demand among the population are subjects related with nature: landscapes, insects, pictures, flowers, animals, photos of the underwater world - such pictures a beneficial effect on the psyche.

If you choose wallpapers with pictures patterns - for giving naturalness and more efficient, they must be framed in a baguette.Mural with landscape themes can be simulated window naturalistic.For large bathrooms is better to use the image in dark colors, abstraction.For the small - the best choice would be light tone, skyline photography, water, mountains.

Depending on the bathroom lighting Mural room may be different brightness.Saturated colors (Blue, Green) suitable for solar facilities.Plots in soft and bright colors - yellow, orange, beige - is best used for dark rooms.

wallpaper for the bathroom - fashion trends

More and more designers and ordinary people today prefer nautical theme in the bathroom.This could be an image of dolphins, underwater, boats, beach.These wallpapers for the bathroom create the desired psychological effect and is quite suitable for the purpose room.

little understanding as to which is better to glue the wallpaper in the bathroom, you can proceed to the selection.Making preliminary sketches and well laid out, what do you want to get in the end, feel free to go for the right size and the plot.Although buy the finish today quite easily via the Internet.

And very soon you will go to the bathroom and having fun taking a bath, getting positive sea.The main thing is to have images on wallpapers not have sharp edges and it is better not to glue the scenes that do not cause negative associations.After all, what would be your bathroom, it depends on the mood.With water treatment begins and ends with the morning daily.So let everything here is beautiful and harmonious!