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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cable copper armor and other species

Old familiar friend - copper wire

kinds of cables, there are many, but we, the people home, the closest electric copper cable.About him we have a little, but heard, and even certain twisted it in his hands.It has many advantages:

  • high current-and heat-conducting qualities;
  • retains its quality even after oxidation;
  • flexible and compressible;
  • not break under mechanical stress and twisting;
  • flame retardant, and still continues to function 3 h.

Copper cable is divided into several groups, including different types.

Variety of copper cables

Power cable Copper - transfers energy transportation facilities, industrial plants, public utilities:

  • copper power cable VVG - insulated PVC sheathed.It is used for the distribution and transmission of not more than 1 kV alternating voltage in fixed installations, as well as installation in wet and dry areas of production and the outdoors.
  • copper VVGng cable - insulated, PVC sheathed, which does not support combustion.It is used for connection and distribution of electricity on the rated voltage of 1000 V and 660 V at 50 Hz.Laid in the same conditions, where conventional VVG.Do not lay it in the ground.
  • cable power copper armored VBbShv - PVC-insulated, with a protective covering of two steel tapes.They are made so that the top of them overlaps the gaps at the bottom coils of the tape.It can be laid in the ground, tunnels, shafts, channels and outdoors, even if there is a risk of mechanical damage.
  • armored copper cable VEVBbShv - has copper conductors, PVC insulated PVC sheathed with a protective cover on the screen.Suitable for installation in mines at a voltage of 6 kV.
  • KG - has a rubber insulated stranded wires in the rubber sheath.Used to connect the mechanisms that can move, can be run in the rivers, on land, in lakes, as well as indoor and outdoor.

cable nonflammable halogen-free - transfers energy inside and outside the premises on overhead lines without additional protection:

  • YnKY - electric power copper cable, insulated and polyvinyl shell.Used to transmit a rated AC power voltage up to 1 kV.
  • N2XH - insulated cable, halogen-free materials and filled in the shell.Transmit power up to 1 kW at rated voltage on objects with the requirement of increased fire safety.

cable halogen-free flame retardant - its isolation retains its properties in case of fire:

  • FLAME-X 950 (N) HXH FE180 / E30 - fire-resistant cable, which in case of fire maintains its function (at 800 ° C is not less than 3 hours) and stores the insulating function in a fire system, in which the cable is secured within 30 minutes.It is used where necessary safety material and cultural values, as well as people.
  • FLAME-X 950 (N) HXH FE180 / E90 - fireproof, a fire keeps its function at 800 ° C for at least 3 hours, and also retains the insulating function in case of fire systems on which the fixed cable for 90 minutes.

control cable - used for fixed connection to the switchgear apparatus and electrical devices at up to 100 Hz, a rated AC voltage up to 660 V and constant up to 1000 V.

His kind is known cable KVVG - PVC-insulatedIt used when connecting to non transportable electrical appliances, switchgear.Resistant to bending during assembly.

Variety of wires and cords Copper

cords and wires - used for home appliances, electrical equipment, machine tools and mechanisms for the stationary installation in power and lighting networks:

  • wire PVA - copper flexible cable withtwisted, insulated and sheathed.Used to connect power tools and household appliances, and for the production of cords for voltage up to 380 V.
  • wire SHVVP - flexible insulated cable with parallel conductors in the shell.Used to connect power tools and household appliances, and for the production of cords for voltage up to 380 V (usually copper 2x2.5 cable is used).
  • wire MG - solid flexible wire without insulation.Used for melting furnaces and connecting antennas.
  • KSPVt - self-supporting copper cable with single-wire vein diameter 0.5 mm, insulated and equipped with a self-supporting element.Used in the signaling and communications networks.

cable transmitting information - transmits digital signals as well as analog:

  • UTP5e - unshielded twisted pair.Used to transmit digital voice signal indoors.
  • FTP5e - twisted shielded pair.It is used to transmit digital voice signals inside buildings.RFI protected with aluminum foil.