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August 12, 2017 18:08

Liquid Filler - an inexpensive but high-quality enjoyment

Introduction to

liquid filler material - this is one of the types of fillers.It is sold already ready to use, making it very convenient to use.In the building materials market are two types of fillers - dry and wet.Dry mixes are much cheaper, but the time and effort to their mix much more.

dry mix, as if it is good or divorced, is still a part of small grains, which make putty process more complicated and time-consuming.Therefore, deciding to save on materials and buy dry mix, you do not get the guarantee that it will be, because its consumption is higher than that of wet putty.To repair was faster and easier, you can use a wet putty.Sold it in any specialty store in tightly sealed buckets, dry quickly so that it can not.

If all the mixture is used up at one time, it can be safely shut down and leave until the next use.The consistency it resembles sour cream, so working with it is very convenient.Also, it leaves little defects, unlike other materials.

Note!There are different types of liquid fillers, so you need to carefully read the instructions with the instructions of their application.

liquid plaster and its variants

There are several varieties of liquid putty:

  • Latex;
  • Acrylic;
  • facade.

Latex - a liquid plaster for walls that require finishing.With it closed up seams in the drywall.Its structure is very fine-grained, and is capable of applying a thin layer of the mixture.This coat is perfect for decorative arches and niches.The latex mixture, as well as acrylic, considered the finish, it greatly simplifies and speeds up the repair process.

Acrylic mixture used for both exterior and for interior works.With their help, fine concrete walls are smoothed with plaster, drywall seams are sealed.This putty dry for four to six hours, which largely determines the thickness of the layer.

Facade putty used to work outdoors and is used to correct all the defects in the outer walls.Due to its consistency, this liquid mixture can be useful to work on the ceiling, as well rests on the spatula.Since it is very easy to work with, so it can even make a novice painter. Note! apply two coats of facade fillings, as it contributes to a better effect of the work performed.

advantages and disadvantages of liquid mixture

putty has an excellent advantage - it is well spread over the surface.This feature allows you to use it for filling any, even the slightest unevenness on the surface.In addition, it can help to make the minimum layer thickness, thereby saving material.She also has a great property - convergence.So is the ability of the material to form a flat surface without any mechanical action.Dates its solidification is relatively small, so the total time for performance of work is reduced.

Note!Fast drying layer can not only reduce the time of work, but also better quality monitor the progress of its implementation.

It includes a variety of synthetic additives that improve the properties of resistance to moisture, temperature and make it stronger.This type of filler, due to its characteristics, has been actively used not only in construction but also in car repair.This is due to the fact that the damage layer is almost perfectly flat.The disadvantages include only the price which is higher than the dry mix.