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August 12, 2017 18:08

Klyaymery for lining - secret agents fasteners

Klyaymery for fixing lining - what is it?

Wood, as a finishing material, widely used in construction, decoration and so on. The materials from natural wood or simulate it very often need to connect with each other or with the carrier basis, depending on the place and method of application.Most common among the wood, and other coating materials obtained in connection groove.

presence on the edges of the groove elements and corresponding to it in size spike provides high-quality surface.An example is the plaque lining, others facing lengthy synthetic and composite materials, made on the same principle (plastic "evrodoska" panel).

The use of nails and screws to mount due to the high probability of damage to the outer surface of the board or panel, often already having applied simulating and protective layers.Dents, cracks, chips of the outer edge of the groove is difficult to cause defects and spoil the removable liner also with repeated use of coating materials over their quality deteriorates even after removal and extraction of the fastening nails or screws.

Freedom from all these inconveniences gives mounting boards or panels on the clip-on brackets.Made by stamping klyaymery for fixing linings have a special hook, which fits snugly into the bottom fragment slot.Depending on the thickness of the board and the groove of said element, different numbers of staples made with hooks on this calculated thickness.The higher the number, the greater the thickness calculated klyaymerov hooks.

Klyaymery for lining - the specifics of the application

Sami clips can be attached to the base of the stones, frame-based, etc.As, in fact, ordinary mounting brackets, klyaymery ensure reliable retention of bunks beds and invisibility of these fixtures.However, it is advisable to use them when facing light clapboard or a similar material, in view of the high total load.

advantage of these mounting brackets is the total absence of damage to materials.Fixing is a neat installation on the groove element clip-hook and fastening it to the frame, the wall surface and so forth., Using the fasteners supplied.Staples stamped galvanized steel 0,55 mm thick.This design allows easy installation both internal and external cladding.

Bracket onto a wooden surface or wireframe elements of wooden crates being simply, they nailed a pair of nails.But it is possible to use other methods.For example, if the frame structure is made of a standard profile metal elements, fasteners simply made standard samorezami- "bugs."

Klyaymer for lining - instructions for installation

As already mentioned, for each type of lining needs its own clip.Indeed, a properly selected klyaymer for lining, instructions for assembly and following her master, will become a guarantee of quality and long-term operation lining.General Rules is qualitatively executed marking under frame: a plumb, level and step bar (when facing the vertical surface) is not more than sixty centimeters horizontally or vertically, depending on the location of the lining.

According lines marking screws on the anchors reinforced elements framing the basics.Depending on the material of these elements can be used from foam pads and so on. It should be borne in mind that possible leaks and installation inaccuracies each batten boards accumulate and may distort the correct geometry.

To avoid this, every five to ten elements facing conducted measurement and adjustment of vertical or horizontal installation of the board.

Installing the first board (vertical its location) is conducted from the level of the angle.In the middle of the marks on each bar attached klyaymery.Board mounted in a groove clips staples in said step for ten square meters will need about two hundred such staples.

The groove board is got fixed the next ridge board, and installing and fixing in its groove klyaymerov every bar design.So fixed lining the surface.In horizontal boards lining her spine fixation is carried upward.This condition is necessary for the performance, particularly when the facing external surfaces: thus eliminated accumulation of moisture, dust and dirt in the grooves of the boards, prevented their decay, improving natural ventilation.

mount clips to the back of the first horizontal groove boards softwood stud fastening supplemented.It runs on the board the first and last of the horizontal belt.In general, the ease of use klyaymerov allows working people with no prior experience even.