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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to extinguish lime - all the stages at a glance

How to put out the lime or why do it at all?

It is used in the form of quicklime, for example, as a reinforcing material and a binder.If it is to pay off, the plaster will be much stronger hold on the basis of, and solution when added becomes more pliable.

quicklime produced very often, because in this state the material used in most cases.For example, it is used to whitewash the premises, as well as wooden fences and rafters.This procedure protects the wood from rotting and burning.

You can also use the material for construction of masonry, concrete silicate.Also, the material is taken in the manufacture of bleach, water softening, production of fertilizers.More lime may be used in the leather tanning and in the food industry, in dentistry.

slaked lime - working principle and safety

It should be noted that the slaked lime in the home is not a difficult process, especially since it does not need a lot of time or materials and no need for any specialequipment.

on construction enterprises frequent pit for slaking.In the pit is filled with quicklime powder and filled with water in a certain proportion.Everything depends on what should be the mass density (or dense material in the form of milk).

Before repay lime, you must know that the blanking period is 24 hours.However, it is recommended to maintain the process up to 36 hours for greater efficiency.To reconstitute the powder container must be prepared to extinguish, lime, water and a stick for stirring.

Naturally, you need to work with gloves, goggles, a respirator, a canvas suit and ensure that the mixture does not impinge on exposed skin, as it can corrode the skin and cause irreparable harm.

How to extinguish lime - Getting Started

lime quenching technology is that we should make a powder lime, and this requires Komkova lime put into the prepared container.The tank should have rust, and its depth is determined by the amount of the diluted mixture.

The material is poured only cold water.Moreover, the amount of water is calculated from the ratio 1: 1 (1 kg of powder to 1 liter of water).During the interaction of water and extinguishing material temperatures can reach 150 degrees, so caution can not hurt.

Before extinguish lime, need to know that at the time of cancellation, it will be sprayed, but depending on the time of the procedure (from 5 to 30 minutes) the mixture of all the time you need to be stirred.

Once properly extinguish lime turned out, the mixture should not be used immediately.It is necessary to cover with a lid, put in a dark cool place and let stand from 2 weeks to a month.Only in this case the solution is to go to bed and qualitatively carry out their functions.

Of course, before using pushonka may require further dilution.This should be done gradually in order to achieve the correct density of the mixture.If the stick remains with stirring thick white trail, then the mixture is ready for use.

learn how to extinguish lime, guide you briefly clear, complement the knowledge some specific advice on a particular brand of the material can be read instructions on the pack purchased mixture.And you can buy already hydrated, ready to use mixture, then these manipulations will not be needed.