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August 12, 2017 18:08

Laminated plywood formwork - reusable material

Plywood laminated as a material for the formwork

Laminated veneer - very important material for monolithic construction.It is water-resistant, not subject to extremes of temperature, has a stable geometric shape and resistant to mechanical stress.In addition, it has a very affordable price.It is produced with a thickness of 6 to 24 millimeters, which allows the use of the material for a variety of tasks.

Tip!When purchasing a product, make sure that it is made of solid veneer, not lumpy, as this greatly affects the physical and mechanical properties.

For the production of laminated birch plywood is used middle-aged.Processing on the modern technology, it is becoming its quality and durability.Wear resistance is achieved thanks to its special composition of the material treated with the inclusion of melamine or phenol.This gives the material a low susceptibility to mildew, fungus and alkalis.Also, it is very important for the formwork, laminated plywood has low agdeziyu (Clutch) to concrete.This factor allows its use in the process cycle repeated.

plywood formwork with their hands

formwork plywood with their hands is quite simple.Consider the whole process:

  • Installation bars.They will be attached plywood, so the process should be given a lot of attention.The main task - is to install them vertically, otherwise the foundation of the house will not be enough even.Bruschi pour in to such a depth that, when you try to shake them had good stability.
  • plywood fasteners.Material must be fixed on the inner side, with self-tapping screws can twist them both inside and outside.If you tighten the screws on the outside, then disassemble the formwork will be much easier.During installation it is necessary to carefully check the evenness of the surface horizontally and vertically using a spirit level.The horizontal end you will be able to determine the place where the concrete is not enough for a perfect plane.
  • Install spacers.The spacers are set in increments of approximately one meter.They needed to when pouring the concrete, plywood does not buckle, because when this work will be ruined, and will need more cement.

Note!How much should dry concrete can be read by the use of this material instructions.

Laminated plywood formwork: care

material Laminated plywood formwork in exposed concrete, where there is water, abrasive elements and active chemicals.The solution is no negative impact on the plywood does not, but his abrasive elements are very dangerous.Therefore, damage to the protective layer contribute to the rapid destruction of the domestic veneer.This can be avoided only in one way - careful operation and maintenance of the plywood.Careful operation - it's a neat installation and dismantling, and maintenance - timely cleaning of the surface.

assembling and dismantling - business simple, only need labor discipline.So, do not throw the plywood, you must put it gently on the surface with no protruding elements.Clean the plywood is required after each use, after all, if you do not, then the service life will decrease.You can also lubricate the surface of hydrophobic compounds that increase their water resistance and reduce friction.The composition is applied by spraying or brushing.

Note!The range of hydrophobic materials on the market is very large, so the problems with their choice does not arise.