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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a lawn mower - familiarity with the kinds of mechanisms

What are the lawn mower?

In most cases, the owner is required not only testify podkashivat vegetation on the front lawn, and competently care for the grass lawn.And, most often, it's an expensive hobby, because the grass is planted in a special way, germinated well, and, of course, then calls for a reverent care, yet surely not take root.

After all the preparatory and rehabilitative measures such lawn - a smooth well-groomed area with grass, which is conducted for a permanent care.Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is the primary role of the mower assigned to conduct a number of works on the maintenance of order on site.

mainly lawn - a special mechanism designed to work on for grass care.Thanks to the support of three or four wheels have the opportunity to put the cutting height, which allows to obtain a perfectly flat surface is grass.

How to choose a lawn mower - the main parameters

Most models undercut grass made with a knife with three and sometimes four blades, which rotate parallel to the surface.From what depends on the width of mowing, and how to choose a lawn mower?The width of the passage unit depends on the length of the blades.The longer cutting segment, the higher the performance.

next indicator, which necessarily need to consider when choosing a lawn mower - the height of the cut grass.Best of all, if the device provides multi-level mechanism of height adjustment of the knife.Some models exist for this special handle mounted on each wheel.The last samples provides centralized installation cutoff level, which is quite convenient when frequent changes of regulations.

Next, let us consider what are the lawn mower, and what are their differences.The first models of lawn mowers were mostly manually operated.Due to its simplicity, they have a number of advantages:

  • virtually silent;
  • not require fuel for them;
  • hand cylinder lawnmower grass gave way better than the other models.

only drawback of manual mowers that for their work need to apply physical force.

Mechanical types of lawn mowers

To date, most of the lawn mower has an electric drive .The popularity of such models is caused by the production of new lighter designs.Various types of lawn mowers with electric motors are low cost and are ideal for cutting smaller lawns.Unlike gasoline counterparts such machines are quite low noise and unpretentious in circulation.The only limitation - is the length of the power cable, which is generally less than 60 meters.

Therefore mowing large areas of electric mowers rather difficult.When deciding how to choose a lawn mower, you should pay attention to the model, operating from the battery.Their performance is not inferior to the previous models, they are just silent, and, besides, the cable length is not limited.By the next model range includes units with petrol engines .

They are much heavier and more expensive than electric, but their main advantage is the autonomy of the drive.For their work does not require a long cable, and battery them to anything.In recent years, went on sale self-propelled lawn mowers type , designed to mow large lawns, with an area less than 0.5 hectares.

The most popular among them are the mechanisms based on the mini-tractors equipped with a rotary mower.Even on the basis of this short list of basic types, quite difficult to determine what a lawn mower is better.It all depends on the preferences of the owner of house, its financial capacity and the infield area.