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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the remedy for cockroaches can be called the most effective ?

Selecting effective means

uniquely identify a leader among the funds is impossible, as what works for one may not always be a good solution to another.Among the main selection criteria can be identified such as efficiency, ease of use, speed, cost and safety of the drug for humans and animals.

Selecting effective means

  1. Efficiency.This is the main criterion, since even if the vehicle has all of the above, but is not effective against cockroaches, it will not be claimed.A striking recent example - ultrasonic repellents.They are simple and safe, but do not have absolutely no effect on insects.
  2. Simplicity is also important, because not everyone has the time for a long time be the bait, to monitor pests and place of gathering place where the poison.Much easier to just sprinkle aerosol and achieve the same effect.
  3. speed too often is a key parameter in the selection of the drug.
  4. Security is perhaps the most basic criterion - whatever the means, if its use is necessary to wear masks - pokapat its not worth it.

Selecting effective means

most effective means of cockroaches in the form of gels

Gels are an excellent option for getting rid of insects in residential areas.They are inexpensive, easy to use, safe and effective.

The secret is that the gels are very attractive for the smell of cockroaches, which are running up faster than food left.This person does not feel the smell.So if you are looking for a means of cockroaches effectively and safely, it is possible to stop the choice on the gels.

The most effective means of cockroaches as gels

gels are safe for children and dogs because of the fact that they taste very bitter, so even if a child tries to gel, he immediately spit it quickly.

One of the most effective means of cockroaches is Dohloks.The gel contained in the syringe, which allows it to apply a dot, not only on horizontal surfaces but also on the vertical.The gel is not too toxic, ie no negative effects on humans and animals, inexpensive and proven over the years, effective drug.

The most effective means of cockroaches as gels

Lack gels - the duration of action.The greatest effect is achieved within 2-3 weeks after application.

most effective folk remedies for cockroach

Many prefer to use in the fight against cockroaches folk recipes as they are safer for the residents health.However, even an effective folk remedy for cockroaches may not be as strong and fast as chemicals.Taking into account comments on the forum are the following:

The most effective folk remedies for cockroaches

  1. Boric acid.The most common means.Absolutely safe for humans and deadly to cockroaches.To get rid of insects, acid is necessary for them to feed.This can be done simply by sprinkling her areas of greatest congestion or by preparing a special recipe for the bait with acid.
  2. One of the most effective means of cockroaches in the people - a drill.It is used as boric acid.
  3. ammonia.Just dissolve a tablespoon in a bucket of water and put it in the kitchen - cockroaches leave your house.
  4. Petrium.Used as well as boric acid.