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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a paving slab - tips to ensure quality

Factors that must be considered

Paving - this is the material that is used to cover the tracks, yards and footpaths.Its main task is to give the appearance of a civilized suburban or private site.The choice of paving slabs should be based on the following factors:

  • A wide range of shapes and colors, which will allow to realize any design ideas;
  • Easy installation.Tiles must be laid on a simple technology, using standard tools, it will perform the laying of any person.Also, it should be possible to replace damaged items without too much difficulty;
  • Environmental cleanliness.During the summer, the pavement will be strongly heated by the sun.In this regard, in its composition should not be harmful to the person that will be released during heating;
  • durability.This is one of the main factors.Laid material must be firmly and securely hold and be resistant to changes in temperature, mechanical stress and atmospheric influences.High-quality material that meets these requirements, will long serve.

Tip! Always buy tiles greater amount than needed for the installation.Firstly, the process can be damaged, which is required to correct.Second, deformation may occur over time, cracking the individual elements, and having a stock, you will be able to fix it.

How to choose a paving slabs?

dealt with in a quality paving slabs is considered optimal, it is necessary to choose it in accordance with these requirements.To create a smooth surface, manufacturers are using two methods: adding special additives to the concrete and the introduction of a large amount of water.Addition of water, of course, much cheaper, but it reduces the strength of the material, which means that it should be avoided.

Define a method of producing specular light can hit the tiles to each other and listening to the sound.By using special additives sound is ringing, the addition of water - deaf.Also note that if the material color is very bright and saturated, it means that there is a part of the dye pigments, which also weaken its strength.

course price for quality paving tiles can be low.This is understandable, because it is done on a quality modern equipment.Therefore, cheap products is better not to choose.The main thing that tile was produced in accordance with EU standards.Solid and reliable companies in the materials leave the stigma that confirms compliance with all state quality standards.In confirmation of this must have quality certificates.

Important!Certificates should be checked when buying necessarily as a major factor in deciding what kind of paving tiles to choose from.

How to check the quality of paving slabs?

buying materials you can own on-site to check their quality.First, inspect the material.If the surface is shiny, the manufacturer has added a large amount of water, or special supplements.And then, and another has a negative impact on the quality of the product, making it more brittle.Second, tap the tiles together.Proper production technology provides a long drying period.Well dried tiles when hitting each other emit a shrill sound.Otherwise, if the sound is muffled, the material remains a lot of water.

Adhering to these tips, you will be able to determine what is best paving slabs.By choosing correctly, you will ensure yourself a safe sidewalk coverage for many years.Otherwise, saving money may adversely affect the quality of, and after a short time tiles lose their appearance and begin to crack and crumble.