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August 12, 2017 18:08

Watering the garden - entrust the chore Technology

watering system for the garden - the choice

equipment Not long ago, gardeners have resorted to manual receive water dispersion, simply by pinching the opening of the hose.The pleasures of this little effectiveness, too, but it's time to spend a lot.Therefore, there are more convenient solutions for even distribution of water on the site without human intervention.

equipment is used not only in gardens, but also on the football field and in agriculture.Buying products for the systems, it is important to initially decide which purpose it will be used: in what areas, for which plants and so on.

Do not forget to take into account the amount of his land, because when you select the sprinkler is very important, you can choose individual equipment for every type of terrain.The duration of operation of the tools will rise or fall on how the owner will take care of them, because the quality of the work is directly dependent on proper handling.

Watering garden - functionality

There are two most common irrigation systems for garden: pumps and automatic systems.If we talk about the pumps, for many people it is the ability to quickly and accurately pour the vegetable garden.Shower allows each person to feel fresh after a hard day's work, and the right pump will not let dry out the plants.

It is not a simple tool, it's a small garden machinery, where with the help of devices is greatly simplified the process of watering large areas of the country.Automatic watering systems can be called a modernized set of equipment.

Used equipment mostly for irrigation in greenhouses, greenhouses, and for open beds.This system of irrigation area will make your tasty and healthy harvest.To date, the device can be poured all sorts of herbal supplements that can help quickly climb plants.

manufacturers offer in addition to the electronics, which allows you to manage irrigation systems, where the piping is to the surface.For example, the water droplet spread can begin on the pitch.

communicative system is carried out under the earth, on the surface are located just watering and irrigation systems.To watering system in the garden device to work properly, it is important the presence of a powerful compressor, which will create pressure.

plot irrigation system - steps

installation Starting the installation, you must hold the three stages of the works: design, installation and construction work and commissioning.The first step for the system - this design.It can be called the most important part of the foundation and construction, in the same way as in any engineering and construction industry.

designs beds irrigation system based on high-altitude site plan and dendroplan.It is important to take into account existing differences in elevation.When the stage comes to an end, at the hands of the owner of the project appears, where painted all the data that is necessary to build: the amount of equipment and materials, sprinklers, pumps, as well as the cost of materials and installation and construction work.

manual system is designed exclusively to the eye, set in the watering places, then only equal to the installation angle or position.Automatic systems have the same number of sensors that are installed on the site and are able to measure the performance of soil moisture, sending them to the control unit.And the software will create a custom watering schedule, limit values ​​for humidity and other parameters.

At the second stage of the automatic watering cottages exposed erection work.These include excavation works, as well as assembly of the piping system in the trenches ready, then there is the docking connector fittings.It is important to observe the slope of the water supply systems, properly install the pump and connect it to water supply.Collect

should not only pipes and starting block, but also an electrician, rotors and sprays.It is best to use the diagram supplied with the equipment, because it is always individual.But the basic rules about the following: electrician is laid in the ground by special tubes;all the pipes to each other better connect fittings to avoid welding joints;Pipe best taken plastic rather than metal;rotors and nozzles uniformly put on a site to avoid zones where the water will fall into the double volume.

In the third step, when carried out commissioning, it is necessary to identify all possible defects in materials and installation, as well as set up starting circuit of pumping equipment and to build up the controller.Do not forget about the adjustment of the sector and irrigation radius.After some revisions are ready to use.