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August 12, 2017 18:07

Garden benches - their variety and importance in the decoration

garden benches What to choose?

to sit in the shade under a spreading tree in the garden and you can make a chair, banquette, even if not very solid, but look at the nature of home furniture is pretty ridiculous.Even typical street park benches standing in urban green areas along the tracks, look in this respect much more natural.However, the country is better to put more original bench, if not man-made, then, at least, made to order. Even the most primitive of the bench boards, stuffed into two standing next to the stump, it will look more organic than .I do not want so shy?Choosing large.

begin with the same wooden structures.Holiday Garden benches can be made of boards with parts of the same tree stumps or cut down a tree, the thick boughs.The latter can be used as legs, back and armrests.If you choose the same length and the thickness of the branches, of them even get a full seat.In the course often are logs and timber, which can serve even as a bench ready, as well as cuttings, suitable for the manufacture of bearings.You can buy or order a metal bench, but in this case it is better to choose the version of the delicate, since the heavy cast iron structure much heavier space.The same applies to the stone benches.Not a bad option - folding plastic seats, inexpensive, light and mobile.

Original benches for the garden - creating comfort in the

plot In the old days the villagers loved to sit on the bench, the usual earthen embankment under the walls of the house, spun around its perimeter.Often placed on top of a plate or timber, sometimes completely trimmed tree.However, far more pleasant to sit in the shade of the house on a comfortable bench and lean back, or directly on the wall construction. Depending on whether you are doing a shop or buy, you can stay on the construction of varying degrees of difficulty: without back with back, bench-sofa with comfortable armrests .This can be any option with a twist.For example, original benches for the garden are obtained from edging boards with rounded edges and corners, covered with varnish and paint.

Do zealous owners in the course of attending all - instead of legs to attach to the seats slightly buried in the ground on the wheel carts, protruding from the top of the arc which are at the same time and armrests.The back bench can be made of any woven from vines, get a very original design, which will fit perfectly with the same woven garden fence or garden.Very good swing-benches for the garden, they can be either metal or plastic, and wood, and even wicker.In the latter case, a place for recreation, you can arrange the whole suite - swinging on the "sofa" chains and two hanging racks to special "seats" in the form of baskets.

For suspended benches need a chain of high-quality steel, which can withstand the load of more than 500 kilograms, can also be used as a metal hanger rod.

Garden bench made of metal, stone and plastic

If you want to monumentality in garden furnishings, not carried too heavy design of benches completely devoid of any hint of comfort, they can be beautiful, but it did notlook at the background of greenery.For suburban area is preferable openwork metal garden shop, for example, forged, especially in the floral motifs as on the back and armrests are intertwined iron stems and leaves.It can be a support in the form of mythical creatures such as dragons made of metal or use a light metal profile and as a result get a portable bench.

Stone benches are placed permanently move them is almost impossible, unless using special equipment, such as loading trucks with lift.This is especially true monolithic blocks, without distinct supports.Imagine carved marble bench and mentally put it in your garden.Will she look at him?It is unlikely that you need a garden shop, more like a pedestal for the statue, so the marble is suitable only as an element of landscape design, the more that sit on it will still be uncomfortable.Furniture for country site to be mobile, and therefore sometimes more practical to be cheap plastic bench, which, incidentally, is available in a variety of species, among which are quite expensive, exclusive models.