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August 12, 2017 18:07

As it can be framed front lawn ?

front lawn - how to make it cozy?

We strive to relax in nature, but having the opportunity to live among greenery, many people want to create for yourself the usual urban conditions, covering free of planting land with concrete and asphalt.And it is wrong, there is nothing that pleases the eye as the young grass of the lawn, it is here that we begin to talk about all sorts of beautiful lawn. If you do not want to bother, sowing grass area, use the rolling lawns, put them easy, but almost immediately you become the owner of wonderful lawn.You can go from a simple, abandoning the grass and using a variety of bulk and artificial materials.How?Very simple.

So, you have no desire to take care of the grass in front of the house and you are ready to replace it with asphalt.Do not hurry.Make the terrace of the deck planks in front of house, separated from it by a gravel strip, stretching along the perimeter of the deck.Between the backfill of the podium and leave very narrow space where lay natural stone borders the square, the corners of which make the Alpine hills for planting flowers or the same grass.Greens will be very little, but enough to create a cozy area.Put on the terrace wicker furniture, a few pots of flowers or evergreens, and you will have a small patio and the Alpine front lawn.

bright and unobtrusive design lawn

Equal lawn was covered with all the free space between the garden and vegetable garden, it is a great place for relaxation and decoration of the territory, but this beauty can seem monotonous boring.It is better to make the registration of lawns, adding to it a variety of decorative elements.Part of this improvement can be a track and if you make it an unusual or cleverly combine with lawn.For example, laying tiles butt rings, sow space inside and outside the grass, and you get a great lawn with a path inscribed in it.It can be, and vice versa, in the center of the track crossing the lawn to leave a small circular areas and sow them in the lawns.

To view the lawn is not too disturbed by the garden path, using separately laying slate tile natural form, stacked surrounded by grass.

The design can be included and a variety of garden figurines, which are in abundance today sold in stores corresponding profile, next to the seedlings and fertilizers.Many of the figures supplied by diode lamps with solar panels, so that the lawn at the cottage in the evening will be an enchanting sight.However, no extra costs for electricity does not threaten you.To place the figures, it is desirable, or along a track or on the background of shrubs or flower beds in the middle of, and in any case not be grouped in the composition from which the landscape design will be overloaded.

lawn with flowers in flowerbeds

If you have a front of the house paved turf, to violate its integrity would not be desirable, and colors clearly lacking, you can use options without excavation.In particular, for this perfect modular beds, which consist of a ground mounted (in this case - on the lawn), and the small frame is hung on him containers of soil in which the plant flowers and other ornamental plants. Beautiful flower beds are obtained in pots, which also can be installed directly on the grass .

should also consider pyramidal flower bed, which can be not only a portion of the decoration, but also the basis for a variety of useful plants, for example, it is possible to plant strawberries.It consists of a garden accessory with a vertical stand rod and planted it three circular tanks, in which poured fertile soil.Very interesting lawn with flowers, planted directly in the garden ornamental shapes that are combined with pots, which are inserted into the containers or pots for planting.If in this case there is also a highlight, each group of plants will stand out clearly at dusk.