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August 12, 2017 18:07

Well your hands

drilling wells with their own hands

One of the primary and principal objectives, which are pursued at a penetration wells with their own hands, to provide a clean water suitable for drinking directly.However, it will be considered as such if it meets a number of parameters:

  • transparent layer of water should be at a level of 300 mm (minimum);
  • nitrate content must not exceed a concentration of 10 mg per liter of water produced;
  • marginal valuation of smell and taste - 3 points;
  • one liter of produced water should contain no more than 10 coliform bacteria.

To determine these parameters simply pass the water samples to a special examination carried out by the sanitary-epidemiological service.

At the initial stage of the drilling of wells and boreholes with their hands pulled pit.Its dimensions are 1.5 meters in length, the same width and typically 2 meters deep.It does this to prevent subsequently shedding the weak soil layer.For reliability, the pit wall oshivayutsya boards.

Well your hands

Further, preparing drilling rig or column.Usually, the role of the rig can successfully perform the tripod, which is made of beams having a diameter of 15-20 cm. The winch is mounted between the 2 legs of the tripod.The whole column for drilling consists of 6 bars, lengthening by reducers.It turns out that something like a single telescope tube.It is important that a drilling derrick boom length reached about 3 meters, and without it - 1.5 meters.Drilling column itself includes a head having a different kind:

  • drill-bit;
  • coil (spiral drill);
  • bailer;
  • drill-spoon.

If soils are not subject to shattering, it is advisable to use a drill-spoon.He is able to go deep in a single notch at 30-40 cm.

However, a question arises as to cut through the hole with his hands, if there is a solid ground?For these purposes, it is appropriate drill-bit.Used percussive drilling technique.

To remove the sand, soil or drilling mud used Bailer wiser.They are conventional, pneumatic, piston or grab.

Then, going to the drill rod.She plunged through the use of the rig.Before the start of the rotation of the bar itself on it is wiser to make a mark around the level of 60 cm. When this level is reached the bar to be raised and cleaned of soil.

drilled with best mate, although some craftsmen manage to cope with the task on their own.Yet, work together passes comfortable and much faster.

Filters for wells with their own hands

drilling process is conducted before the passage of the aquifer.Thereafter, the well is cleaned thoroughly using a bailer.

Next to the bottom of the drilled hole down a special filter.Its main task - protecting the well bottom of the sand, especially at the site of water-lifting pipe location.

filters for wells with their own hands

next step after the drilling is the manufacture and installation of filters for clean water.It should be noted that this simple task can be run independently, significantly save your budget.We just need to buy some tools and materials, as well as some effort, benefit schemes of different filters in the network today, you can find plenty.The most popular options for the filters:

  • perforated filter;
  • slit;
  • mesh;
  • wire;
  • gravel;
  • gravity filter, and others.

final stage

At the final stage of improvement to be done well with their hands.First of all, it is necessary to refine pit, install an electric pump.As an option - to build on top of the canopy, which has a roof, or to do something else.