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August 12, 2017 18:07

Lamps with solar batteries - autonomy there

Lamps with solar batteries - dot the landscape

Garden is beautiful in both summer and winter, in every season in their own way.And if the winter is breathtaking from the monumental hidden under the snow trees in the warm season look rejoices greenery, which will emphasize the charm of the beautiful lighting.Just chase the idea that you have to crawl through the bushes, unwinding the cable bay and twine garlands of light bulbs trees to make them look like Christmas trees.It is sufficient if the garden lamps with solar batteries will be placed on the site.Installing them can be directly on the ground without preparing in advance a place.

There are no rules in the distribution of the backlight does not exist, just remember that the lights should not be grouped together in one place heap .The rest - no restrictions, too much light does not happen.Day lights cut out panels capture the sun's rays, and look at it as a conventional garden figurines.This may be hemp with mushrooms, whose brightly lit night cap, or nests, in which soft glow in the dark bird eggs.In stores you can buy a variety of models.When it gets dark, photo sensors react to decrease the intensity of light, which leads to the inclusion of lanterns.

streetlights on solar batteries - light without wires

The lights are different from the above fixtures?The first are intended solely for illumination of certain areas of land, while the latter are used to decorate the landings. Thus the winter decorative light bulbs are generally removed from the site because their batteries are not protected against low temperatures and strong frost may damage the .Street lamps with solar batteries, as a rule, season, and, therefore, able to withstand a short-term freezing and prolonged cold snap.

To search for a place for decorative lighting in barns and pantries can be removed from the housing and remove the batteries in a cool, dry place, after fully charge.

advantage of such lighting is hard to miss.Firstly, they can be set anywhere, with absolutely haphazardly, while depending on the lamp power need to be pre-stretched and wiring are arranged generally along the chain.Secondly, each lamp has its own power supply, and therefore does not affect the counter.If lamps solar panels are designed not only to direct sunlight, but also in scattered at the site throughout the year can light up at night dozens of bright lights.

Lanterns garden with solar batteries, or lights among

trees When you distribute on the site lighting, first of all, try to provide them any significant places, ie in the first area in front of the house, paths,playground at the entrance (near the gate and the gate), as well as in and around the gazebo.However, if you have a large area, all of these lighting on it just lost, so it is useful to take care of that at night it was possible to pass without interference in any part of the site.It's enough to place lights garden Solar along the ways in which you normally move, even if there is no track, the usual path.

Each bridge, even decorative, must be equipped with at least one lighting device, but of course, it is better that they were a couple, both ends of the floor.Next, lights can be placed near a particularly beautiful flower beds, to be able to enjoy the latest and in the usually is a continuous space of darkness, and go under the trees there is not the desire of everyone.But it is necessary to place along the main paths lanterns, and the picture is completely transformed.Especially should pay attention to the lighting along the perimeter of the site and on the road to commercial buildings, and that night it was possible to pass freely.