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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make a beautiful design of the playground with his own hands ?

start design of the playground with his own hands

First and foremost - the improvement of the landscape.It is unlikely that you will like it, if the kids will always stumble on some pothole in the ground, or running up the hill, to stumble on a steep slope.Therefore, design of the playground with his own hands, in winter or summer, it begins with alignment.If the site has a pit, fill their little soil, it is advisable to fill with gravel mixed with sand, compacted, and only then pour on top of the ground and compacted again.Even then, no further accomplishment of do not, give time to the natural shrinkage.If such occurs, it means that the rammer was insufficient to fill up the land.

In no case do not do the site in the valley, there after the rain the longest held dampness, it is not necessary to do, and on the hill, where all blown by winds.

As a result, we should get a perfectly flat terrain, but the bare ground is unlikely to be kids at heart, even if you dug into her rack swings and roundabouts base.

There are several options: coarse sand, tile or lawn .And the sand is not always suitable, individual fractions can easily get into your eyes flared children.So, we stopped on the lawn and paving tiles.In the first case, you can simply purchase a roll option and to lay the whole lawn, and in the second - look for elastic sports flooring (on the child's fall event).

Forming landscaping playground

What the children love the most?Think of yourself in a time when the game was on the street with your favorite pastime.Most often used to play hide and seek and catch-up, the fun and popular today, which means that at the site should be a lot of different obstacles and shelters.And create their best in a natural way - using a low hedge of bushes.Moreover, it is possible to design the landscaping of the playground with a real vegetable maze.

For starters, do zoning, determining where we will be swings and roundabouts, and where - sandpit.In one of the corners of the territory allotted to the children it is useful to create a sports complex, a small but well-equipped.Now the site was surrounded by a border, paving the path, and they, in turn, limit the hedge of greenery.It is possible for this purpose to adapt and ridges, but there is a risk that the children began to play trampled flowers.

center of the site or any of the zones can be a spreading tree or group of trees .In this manner it is achieved and decorating children's playgrounds, and shading them.But in the middle of the maze of hedges can install a small house.This can be finished plastic construction, the options are many for sale, but is such a pleasure not cheap.You can make and wooden house on a tree, but it will serve as a foundation beam or beams, as a platform to establish a live trunk - barbarism should not be similar to teach kids.

think how to arrange playground

So fabulous house in the center of the maze.Paving paths, so that even after the rain the children could run around to his favorite hiding place.Equal lawn in the entertainment district, where there are swings.Is there enough of all this?Not at all, so let's think about how to make the playground more beautiful.For example, you can do together with kids small flower beds, or even a tiny kitchen garden near the house on a tree, you will see how hard they will take care of the plantings in the future.To be informative, fabricate with them and tablets, which write the names of plants.

If possible, arrange the playground ceramic garden figurines.This may be the gnomes or animals can even choose options with flashlights, available today, even those that are charged from their own solar panels.All this will give the game a certain charm of the complex.But progress does not stop, decorate a children's playground with his own hands in the future.You can, for example, to make a small pond depth literally ankle-deep kid.It is safe and can be let boats.And do not forget the garlands of colored light bulbs, which can outline the contour of the gaming area.