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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to plant a lawn - Plant for his estate

How to plant a lawn - the problem of the coating and its types

lawn allows you to select not only the volume but also the vertical additions, for example, bushes, trees, flowers, and shade the color of plants.It opens the prospect and allows to narrow or expand the garden space.With it, the owners are able to reduce air pollution, because the decor catches in the dirt and dust.In addition, the emerald beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Before you decide how to seed the lawn, it is important to be aware of its varieties, which are many. Ground view is created in the construction of architectural and landscape compositions in the gardens, with a regular style.It can also be found in the official residences and public institutions.

Ordinary lawns located on a large number of objects - manors, country houses, country houses.This type of coating can withstand the optimal ratio of decorative and functional.By the appearance of high demands put forward enough: cover thickness, uniformity, and stability to medium loads.

Landscape architecture types used during the landscaping of public places - squares, parks.Before planting a lawn meadow, will have to find large areas of cultural and natural sites and parks.Meadow lawn does not require special attention.

How to sow grass - preparation

Certainly, this type of coverage, there are shortcomings and dignity.For example, the main advantage of meadow grass - is the need for mowing only once a month, which does not pose any problems.And to make it easier than conventional suburban weeds, which is often present at the site.Grass is softer and pliable for cutting.

If we talk about the lack of, such a coating is "to maintain" constant load, for example, if it is trampled.So, how to sow the lawn, you decide, but it is better to choose the places that perform a decorative function.However, there will not be able to protect it, for example, from the dog, which is free to roam the area where she wants.

deciding to do the device the lawn, it is important to pre-clean the area of ​​debris, as well as get rid of the vegetation (bushes, grass).Coverage is best to equip on a blank portion to keep aesthetic appearance.If on the future site of the lawn a lot of stones in the soil, the greatest should be removed.

How to plant turf - sequence of works

first stage of settling, how to plant a lawn involves selection of seeds and soil preparation, followed by planting.It is made either by itself or with the use of the drill.The seeds should be mixed with soil in different proportions and sow both vertically and horizontally.Watering

desirable to produce a drop with an automatic device, in which case the moisture is evenly distributed, and the position of the seeds will not be changed.The first season is not recommended to walk on the lawn because the grass is still young and fragile.

This applies not only people but also animals, which will be enough simply to break the structure of the coating, even implying its gaffes.

On the question of how to sow the lawn, professionals are responsible about the importance of caring for them after sowing.After all, a constant mowing, mowing to the correct length and watering will help to realize our plans.Shear must be no more than a third of the entire length of the plant, it will improve the appearance and does not harm the general condition.

If we talk about the problems that arise in the course of investigations, how to sow the lawn, then it might be frostbite cover, if the grass will be under snow for a long time.After this it is necessary to restore the crop.Feeding occurs in the spring with a predominance of nitrogen, and in the fall - phosphorus-potassium components.Watering after feeding is required.