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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to install water heater boiler in the bathroom

start the installation of the boiler in the bathroom.

To install the boiler choose a place closer to the Central Water standpipe, to make it easier to sum up the pipe, and the water pressure at the right level.In the model homes boiler takes pride of place over the place of thought, but so that it is convenient to carry out installation work.We will need these tools:

  • punch;
  • concrete drill bit or drill;
  • pliers;
  • soldering iron for cutting plastic pipe;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • wrench;
  • fasteners

Installation of the water heater

first to the wall at the marked locations attach bracket for hanging the boiler, and directly attached to the heater strap, which is fixed with screws.For hanging a small tank volume of 30 liters required dowels-nails 6 mm.The water heater Overall, the stronger the need to take fasteners.Suspending the heater - it is not the most difficult, more difficult to connect it to the water supply and power, but you and deal with it.

How to install the boiler

connection to the water heater

on pipe with cold water and set a tee ball valve to drain pipe to the boiler and drain the water.Install a safety valve, which comes to the heater, shut-off valve, then filter and shut-off valve again.The last two parts are installed on the pipeline entering the apartment.If you are in the main line pressure is very high for more than 6 atmospheres, it would take the pressure regulator.


next step is protection against leakage of water from the boiler back into the bus system in the absence of water in it.Let's say you turned off the water in the apartment, the boiler is turned on and when properly installed safety valve of the water tank can ottech ago.In this case, the heating element may simply burn out.

Boiler Water connection

tee (valve, air valve, hose) is installed on the cylinder inlet.Hose need to drain the water, if the water supply is turned off, and you urgently need is water.The boiler offers always a supply of water.At the exit of hot water set ball valve and a tee.Only when the tap is open at the outlet from the hot water can be drained through the water pipe as the water seal is neutralized in connection with the air supply through the air valve.Another shut-off valve on the pipe with cold water after the relief valve is necessary to shut off the flow of water if necessary to hold TO boiler, heater or to change the anode.

The connected boiler

Then you need to connect a pipe that displays the hot water from the boiler to the layout of the apartment, hot water, and the trunk is covered hot water.

Connecting the boiler to the power supply

Boiler connected via stranded copper cable.Some water heaters included is a residual current device, which is installed near the heater.Automatic double action is needed, in time to turn off the entire line in the event of closure, as electricity and water have never been friends.If the RCD is not supplied, it is necessary to establish Emergency circuit breakers, which will serve as a protection against leakage current and short circuits.

Connecting the boiler to the power supply

should not forget about such an important moment as the ground.It may not save you from the shock, but with it the machine will last longer.You can not ground the wiring in the sewage pipes, central heating and water supply in the gas pipes or reinforced concrete buildings.One of skill and knowledge of how to install the water heater in the bathroom is not enough, we must take precautions.Remember from your careless and incompetent action might be affected neighbors!

Installation of the boiler in the bathroom