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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to glue the tiles in the bathroom - a phased help novice

Why is it better to stick ceramic lining in the bathroom?


  1. not afraid of changes in temperature
  2. Detergents and other chemicals only benefit.
  3. low degree of porosity.
  4. maximum resistance to abrasion and grinding materials.

relatively lining the floor, you should choose the ceramic, because it is the most resistant to a particular type of surface and for a long time operated.

tools for laying ceramic wall coverings

In the course of self-study to the bathroom wall, of course, the question arises, what to fix tiles, so following is a list of necessary for its masonry.


And so, a set of tools and materials:

  1. Tile (of course).The required amount is calculated as follows: the height of the walls and their performance parameters multiply.Then subtract the area of ​​the window and doors, and the final figure, add 5% to the shortage.
  2. Flooring.The number of tiles you can shortchange by multiplying the length by the width.
  3. Kleydlya tiles in the bathroom (water-resistant).
  4. primer and roll to its application.It used to reduce the absorbency of the substrate and rapid adhesion of tiles to it.
  5. , polymer materials (waterproofing).
  6. Fugue for rubbing the joints.
  7. Manual plitkorezka.
  8. Drill and attachments "Ballerina" for drilling of communication terminals.
  9. metal spatula with teeth and rubber for grouting.
  10. Bubble level, size 0.8 / 1m, and the plummet for leveling the surface.Without these two accessories work quality is simply impossible!
  11. pencil or pen, which is cleared.
  12. Crosses for joints.
  13. rubber mallet.

So analyze step by step the following steps.

The first stage - preparatory


  • Collect and remove all plumbing.
  • Clean the plane from the old cover, if present.
  • Try not to make any unnecessary movements, so as not to damage the walls, as they have to later dub.

second stage - the alignment and surface treatment

Quality pasting kafelyav sanuzlomtrebuet room with flat surfaces - tile adhesive in the bathroom would not be able to align the wall.In order to check the evenness of the surface is necessary to use a plumb line, as well as identify bias in one direction or another.Large differences can be eliminated cement-sand mortar, small - starting putty.After drying, treat the wall with a roller primer.Dry layer lasts 2-3 hours.


Next, apply a waterproofing.2 Make sure the insulation layer, in order to avoid the formation of mold and mildew!

third stage - the markings and layout

Facing the bathroom to be very smooth, because is important to mark the first row of tiles, in order to avoid lumps in prominent places.You commit gidrourovnya in one corner point and carry it to the other corners.Repel the perimeter of these points, pigment, if you made a right end of the resulting line should coincide with the start of it.Score as many as you want to keep the series from the ceiling, in order to cut the pieces did not spoil the aesthetic cladding.Cutting choose the most inconspicuous corner and try to combine for symmetry trimmed tiles equally on both sides of the wall.


stage also determines the placement of decorative elements, borders, etc.

Separate these types of laying:

  • joint to joint, when it is put straight seam;
  • «brick house" on the principle of Extension and bricklaying;
  • «diamond» diagonal laying only in the presence of a square shape.

Quite often, these methods are combined to create an original design solution.

fourth stage - begin to glue the tiles in the bathroom

Installation is also divided into a number of processes.

  1. Preparation of glue.
    Clay tile in the bathroom is necessary to mix directly to the workflow, as over time the solution may lose its adhesive fastening kachestva.Instruktsiya by kneading often is on the packages, but the whole ritual is similar for all brands and manufacturers: pour it outbag into a clean bucket or basin of water, mix well, after 15 minutes, stir again until smooth, lump-free composition.
  2. Façade work

    Glue is applied with a notched trowel, on both the tile and the wall.

    Facing work

    Important Getting to the clutch, the reverse side of the tiles is required to slightly moisten, because the porous surface of the tile will pull moisture from the adhesive, and therefore he otvalitsya.Itak, attach it to the surface and press gently, and then tap the little rubberhammer.You will be the most accurate, because the tiles are fragile and can break.

    crosses Do not leave empty spaces in the corners, keep in mind that the coating can crack if enough registered during the operation of the premises.To align the joints need to use plastic crosses, which also must be removed before the glue dries.Clear its excess with a sharp object after gluing the first 2 m².Also do not forget about the circuit pattern, follow the placement of curb and frizy.Vazhno!

    Bottom row tile glue only when the floor is paved, but in this case you can avoid dissimilarity joints walls and flooring.

  3. Align seams

    seams are aligned with the help of the Fugue (for tile joints).
    It is a particular color, as well as directly to a special dye painted any color.Before using it, you must wade tile with a sharp object, removing excess glue for tiles in the bathroom, and a liquid to moisten.Dilute the grout with water until the consistency of thick cream and allow the mixture to stand for 10-15 minutes, then stir.Overwrite must be a rubber spatula, moving diagonally.Once everything is dry (about 20 minutes), the remains removed gubkoy.Remont over, vote result! By popular demand of Internet users practitioners builders often shoot video of the type "we are sticking ceramics in the bathroom", which are gaining a lot of views in the network.One such useful videos you can follow on the video in the next tab before stati.V article, we described how to lay ceramic tile yourself, what tools to use, gave several recommendations, which may be new to listen construction.And then it all depends on you - your desire and zeal!