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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design bedroom 10 sq m


Sleep and rest for a person is very important, therefore, not less important is the place for it intended for such intimate purposes.

The main element of the bedroom - the bed.The bed is also part of the interior and the "core" around which focuses the basic idea of ​​design of any designer.Therefore, the choice of the bed, its location and design of the head to focus on.

Of course, for a small room is a place to consider a variant with a comfortable ergonomic bed.Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of beds with lifting and sliding mechanisms that help solve the problem of shortage of places to store things (thanks to a built-in drawers), and as a result, the room space.There are even special beds-transformers, which are completely solve the problem of space saving.Typically, these beds are transformed into the cabinet.

Wardrobe - bed convertible to a small bedroom

There are special beds-transformers, which will set the perfect bedroom design 10 square meters for your children.In children, these beds are transformed into tables, cabinets or wall.

Table convertible bed for small bedroom

Bunk convertible bed for a small bedroom

From the style of the interior is largely depends on the materials and design of the bed.For example, if you decided to make room in Japanese style, the box with a bamboo frame fits best.

Bed frame with bamboo for small bedroom

And if you want to make room in a minimalist or high-tech style, you should stop the choice on the bed platform.

Bed platform for small bedroom

increasing popularity in recent years become a bed with a leather headboard and wooden boards in a classic style.

Basics refined interior

start your own project design of the room is necessary to select the color scheme - colors that will dominate in your bedroom.Since the main function of a bedroom - relaxing, soothing, then choose for the walls and ceiling should be warm pastel colors.Also advantageous are pearl-gray, light blue or light green shades.If you have a "dark" and bedroom windows face north, then in this case you can use brighter colors, but experts advise to avoid the rough contrasts.Do not forget that in these colors design bedroom 10 square meters of indoor space visually make even less.

bedrooms decorated in white, give this place a special romance.For the interior in the "country" style is desirable to choose light brown, yellow and orange hues.Style "Provence" loves the combination of purple and white colors, and the style "retro" - gray, maroon and brown shades.

A small bedroom in retro style

to furnish the bedroom, if possible, try to use only high-quality natural materials.This will make your room more comfortable and safe for health.For flooring is best to choose flooring or carpeting.But remember that the latter requires careful and often cleaning.Therefore, it can be replaced by a small rug or decorative skins that trail over the parquet.

Wall design

When placing walls importantly, what it is worth remembering, because it is that the walls in the bedroom should not only please the eye, but also to "breathe", that is completely impossible when glueing washable wallpaper.To properly finish many designers are advised velor fabric wallpaper that will make the bedroom a warm and cozy.

One of the latest innovations - cotton wallpaper, also suitable for the bedroom.In addition, it is one of the cleanest and most flexible types of wallpaper.They will allow the wall to 'breathe'.And thanks to their durability and surface properties can be done any design ideas in terms of texture and relief of the wall.

very practical and budget option for the walls are wallpaper for painting.Such walls will allow me to design bedroom 10 square meters with every repair.Painted wallpaper will make the wall smooth and do not restrict the hosts when choosing a pattern or a light pattern.more acceptable small unobtrusive figure for a small room.This is not to overload the space, and "put pressure" on your psyche.But if you do not want the room was dull and monochrome, it is possible to revive with the help of photo wallpapers on one of the free wall or bedside.

Photo Wall Murals - solution for small bedroom

One of the latest design innovations - wall decor vinyl stickers or "stickers" from which the original composition to match any style of interior.Basically glue them above the headboard.But they also can decorate the surface of the furniture - cabinet walls or doors.

Vinyl stickers on the wall of a small bedroom.

Do not forget about the standard of decor elements: pictures or family photos will only improve the "mood" of your bedroom.

Interior decorating bedroom - this volume, enthralling and interesting process, which requires a special approach.After all, one-third of his time we spend it in the bedroom and there is often from the surrounding environment depends on our mental state and mood.It is only at this point, we have to take refuge from the daily hustle and relieves tension.