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August 12, 2017 18:07

hall design in a small apartment .Photos and examples of interior furniture.


Home furniture detail of any hallway - a spacious wardrobe.The tiny room we offer the following solutions:

  1. narrow closet - if you have a niche or a blank wall that allows the projection of 50-70 cm, you can easily afford to build shelves and place convenient deep section for clothes.In narrow cabinets outerwear hung frontally.
  2. Corner cabinet - always think of this model, as it takes up very little space on the wall.The central section is usually reserved for hangers with outer clothing and comfortable fit under the side boxes.
  3. Two drawers - one drawer if you hang from the ceiling, and a second cabinet to put on the floor, get comfortable panel for small-sized hall.Cockpit floor stand will be an excellent place for neat storage of shoes.Put on top of a pair of soft pillows, and all members of the household will be comfortably put on one's shoes.On the wall between the boxes, attach the hooks for clothes, bags and umbrellas.
  4. mezzanine - a classic remedy for tiny spaces.On entering the apartment, we do not spend a lot of time, so the massive construction on the ceiling, we will not be much in the way.Try to pick a door to the mezzanine of the same material as that for the main cabinet.They can be mirrored or painted in the tone of the walls in the hallway.

you can put a free-standing coat hanger for seasonal clothing.But do not keep it on all the jackets and coats, as their volume immediately "eat" space and create a mess.

often cluttered corridor because of the abundance of shoes.Get obuvnitsu compact and fold it in all your shoes.You can choose the model of 15-30 cm wide, which fit perfectly even in the smallest hall.

We plan to furniture

Think about the details

Cardinal method hallway design planning in a small apartment is a corridor uniting with the audience.This is a classic version of the design for convenient studios, thanks to which you will immediately go into the main room.The main entrance hall and the combination will put a big closet.Moreover, the narrow little room filled with natural light.

Think about the quality of finishing materials.On the floor we recommend to put a solid laminate to match the base coat in the apartment.Tile also is a perfect solution for floors in the hallway, most importantly, do not choose a sliding ceramics.
Easy method to expand the space and add light is to use a mirror.It can be hung on a cabinet door or directly on the wall.Particularly impressive look mirror paintings from floor to ceiling.

In the photo below, we present several options for beautiful design in the hallway small apartment.

We think about the details

We think about the details