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August 12, 2017 18:07

The design of a narrow room - ideas and planning

We make

bedroom and a long narrow room is well suited for everything in her bedroom.Design preferable to draw in soft pastel shades.You should use the following colors:

  • beige;
  • peach;
  • milk;
  • gray;
  • herbal;
  • blue;
  • coral.

Place the bed across the room by the window - it can be wall-to-wall.Free narrow wall at the entrance can be used for a wide closet from floor to ceiling.If the cabinet does not hold near the door and along the room takes up too much space, make the built-corner model, in which the width and depth of the sections may be different.

If you have formed a niche, it may well fit an entire wardrobe!Hang shelves and hangers for clothes directly on the wall, put a high mirror, which will significantly increase the space.Wardrobe can be easy to close a sliding door or curtain fabric.

We make the bedroom

use the balcony

Obviously, the loggia will not expand the room, but a competent design of a narrow room with a balcony will highlight another functional area.When planning repairs in your apartment, remember that in almost all houses partition between the balcony and the bathroom is not a carrier and can be fully or partially disassembled.On the glazed and insulated balcony can perfectly fit:

  • office;
  • mini-dining room;
  • couch;
  • bed;
  • dressing;
  • wardrobe;
  • refrigerator.

sure to use the space on the balcony for the interior design of narrow rooms in your home, for example, as in the photo.

we use the balcony

plan bathroom

narrow bathroom will be easy if you put the bath across the far wall.If your room is very long, you will be able to put even a jacuzzi up to 160-180 cm. On the other hand, along the blank wall comfortably accommodate a washing machine, and above it hang spacious wardrobes for clothes and household chemicals.

If you need to save space in a long narrow bathroom, equip shower.Note the current models without pallets - they require only a drain in the floor and the door easy and take just one square meter, as in the photo.

Plan bathroom