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August 12, 2017 18:08

Shelves for the bathroom - how to make a picture with their hands .

rack for the bathroom.

Receptacle hygiene products - is:

  • safety.The most valuable - health and life.Shelves in the bathroom, without exaggeration, to help save them.After all, when a person takes water treatments, it is much more convenient to take anything from the near-shelf, just reaching out.If he is standing, reach for the desired subject, it may fall and cause injury;
  • decorative - good decoration of any interior;
  • safety for things.Even ordinary board can help put everything in order, not to mention the fancy lockers.This order and beauty;
  • easy installation.Several brackets will be enough for wall mounting.

shelf in the bathroom

Materials for shelves with their own hands.

It is very important to choose the right material.After all, the design elements should be durable and reliable, but also fit the overall style of the room.

  • plastic.It is resistant to moisture, durable and lightweight material, moreover, is the cheapest.For sale is a wide variety of design of plastics;
  • glass.The main thing that it was safety glass;
  • metal.Win-win option - stainless steel.The most sturdy and vibrant in the interior it is such a shelf;
  • tree.Eco-friendly material will give comfort and warmth.It must be treated with special vlagoottalkivayuschey means;
  • colorful ceramics - elegantly emphasize the interior;
  • marble.Such a luxury only for the impressive rooms.

wooden shelf in the bathroom

often combine materials for shelves: metal, glass, wood, plastic, metal and plastic ...

Photo neokotoryh models shelves

They come in wall, floor, corner, pendant, built-inand the stationary wall.Selection depends on the species of the shelf area and the room on the number of furniture items.

  • suspended all good.But if the bathroom is small, then it is better to establish where the lower wall area is already occupied.For example, over the toilet or washing machine;
  • corner is always out of place.In many areas the corners almost always empty.Therefore, the angle - the most suitable place to stay.These shelves can also be suspended.A floor can be, that is absolutely not require the use of any tool;
  • floor, as a rule, spacious and high.They can be on rollers and stationary.If this fixed shelves, they can be considered as already furnished;
  • shelves built into the wall - an exclusive, made to order.They planned even during maintenance and can be located anywhere and be decorated as you wish.

plastic shelf in the bathroom

shelves - in - bath - room - 2
However shelf in the bathroom can be placed not only on something, but by something.For example, under the sink.This will not take much space, especially if it is located at the corner sink.And if they close the doors, then we get a stand - practical and aesthetically pleasing.By the way, this cabinet can be done on the rollers.But in the bathroom there is also a bathroom itself.Why not arrange for her shelves?They make good pull-out or folding and store detergents, brushes, sponges and more.The space saving is not?

metal shelf in the bathroom

With shelves of various designs can be harmoniously arrange the room and make it a modern interior.