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August 12, 2017 18:07

Do I need a dish rack in the living room ?

Cupboards in the living room, or where to put

At one time it was fashionable in the most prominent place in the room to put the furniture wall, which was given to one of the offices for the crystal, the other - by the book, and the third - under clothing.However, it was the Soviet style of small apartments, but today more in vogue eurostyle, which means that the cupboard in the living room set is not desirable, it should be set aside for recreation.But if properly zoned premises, it can fit anything.A quarter of the hall are reserved for upholstered furniture, in a prominent place - TV or wall mounted plasma panel, but the far wall it is possible to group hanging shelves and wall mounted cabinets for living room.

usual wardrobe in the room, of course, do not deliver, place him in the bedroom.But the separation of clothes is quite possible to envisage, if, for example, to use modular furniture.It is going out of separate blocks that can be rearranged according to the request of the owners in a different order, as a result will have a completely different configuration of the furniture wall.

Alternatively, you can install and cabinet display cases, or module-hulled variant when each branch is a single element: a sideboard, wardrobe, bookshelf, being in one set, will make a very comfortable composition .

Modular closets for living room as part

design piece of furniture is the best one that you can change at will, moving parts.On this principle, and are based, modular cabinets, which may be either open shelving or closed entirely of offices.There are even some exclusive models, department who either joined in an unusual way (asymmetrically randomly), or sizes are all possible calibres.The standard modular wall may look like some hanging cabinets, shelves interconnected, or, conversely, as a rack of shelves, among which was lost a few closed offices.

modular sections are usually made to order, and often it is convenient, because you can always complement the wardrobe with new elements.Suspended models are mounted directly to the wall, on the floor support they have.However, such structures are strong enough and able to withstand considerable loads.

Just such modular sections obtained an excellent setting for a plasma panel, which is also often hung on the wall.There are disadvantages as well, for example, hanging racks are more decorative than practical significance, and wardrobes offices in such kits are not provided.Another thing, if you combine a floor cabinet, for example, compartments, shelves with a modular configuration.It may look like corner cabinets in the living room, making a separate zone that is home to books, souvenirs and hidden behind sliding doors clothes.

corner cupboard in the hall - a solution for narrow spaces

Often living room layout is pretty haphazard and narrow elongated space becomes a real problem for the hosts, who have to solve the most complicated tasks in furniture arrangement.The best option - a corner cupboard in the hall, away from the front door.In this case, immediately before the entrance area can be upholstered furniture, and on the other hand, at the far end of the room - a rack with TV and possibly audio equipment.It will be observed on the screen delete destinations and wall unit will not be evident within.

If the entrance to the room is in the middle of the wall, a living room furnished with a corner cabinet can stand in two corners on both sides of the door.So at first glance it would seem that the interior of the room consists of a sofa with armchairs and a TV, and only turning his head, you will see shelves.If the use of a modular version of a hinged, in the interior will feel easy, contributing to a better relaxation. If there is a need to use the cabinets more efficiently, in one of the corner offices can make a mini-office with a folding table laptop .